i think this is more or less final now, graphically

(also my phone camera doesn't know how to focus on this...)

@shoofle it somehow looks both better and worse in person :D

@shoofle they try very hard to convince you that this isn't what they're doing, but it's just a lenticular lens

the same futuristic technology that was used in the 90s to make 3d bookmarks, animated cd jewel cases, the label on legend of zelda majora's mask... stuff like that

@wolf480pl @shoofle i think the new 3ds does, plus eye tracking

the old 3ds im pretty sure is just a parallax barrier

@sir there is very much a noticeable 3d effect to the naked eye even without moving your head around. i would say the biggest thing is that it looks very "low resolution" and the fact that the views slightly blur together does not entirely help that

it looks kinda like the effect in those 3d bookmarks that were popular in my childhood, which makes sense because that's literally the same technology used in this

@ky0ko I think I know what the block of glass is for:
It's so that things don't look like they're mid-air in front of the screen.

@ky0ko What did you have to modify to port this? Is it open source or do you know how many lines you had to change (diff -Nauwr orig-src new-src | grep -Eo ‘^[-+]’ | sort | uniq -c)?


sanae@akarui ~/c/glxgears (master)
> diff -Nauwr src/hologears.c ../glxgears-old/glxgears.c | grep -Eo '^[-+]' | sort | uniq -c

157 +
249 -

@p7bJHqtgjqu5Q8J7KnLzPXUGh7cKiL i reformat code to my liking when i rewrite it so there were a lot of removals just from that

@p7bJHqtgjqu5Q8J7KnLzPXUGh7cKiL it'll eventually be in part of libhologram which i'm writing, as a demo

@p7bJHqtgjqu5Q8J7KnLzPXUGh7cKiL it's not actually using libhologram yet, but making it do so will probably amount to about a dozen additions and 3 dozen removals

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