it is extremely hard to capture on camera but i assure you that this is being vaguely 3d at me

@ky0ko Those screens are so cool! You have one? Can they be gotten?

@weird_hell i have one, they are in fact possible to obtain! though expensive. though less expensive if you get lucky on ebay.

@weird_hell i'm writing a library to hopefully make these generically usable in open source software, since the manufacturer... isn't

@weird_hell this was my first test, porting glxgears ("hologears") to be able to render to it properly

next i'm going to get all of the hardware specific bits, remove those, and put them in my library, and make it use the library instead

@weird_hell then i'm going to try and do the same for vkcube, though i already struggled enough with opengl......

@ky0ko Of course they aren't. Hence all the projects I've seen being direct partnerships.

@weird_hell yeah.

to get access to their "real" sdk (not their unity plugins) you have to answer a questionnaire about business use cases and, basically, how much money you have

@ky0ko The usual. Available, but only technically, and to the people who will bug but don't worry us.

Though having only dipped my toe in graphics code, I'm led to believe vulkan is *actually* the way of the future. so, worth getting into?

Side note, the unity plugin would be readable for reverse-engineering purposes. Even if they tried to wrap it up, those packages and dlls can be opened and inspected.

I suppose you maybe don't want to do that, actually, for legal purposes. I could do that, though. 🤔

@weird_hell i do not want or need to

i already have a pretty good understanding of how this works (and also why they're so secretive... it turns out it's a *very* simple device and there's no real magic going on)

@weird_hell it's literally just a tech-startup-ified lenticular lens display that happens to be a relatively *good* one

i'm about 90% sure the giant block of glass they point to when they refer to the "optics layer" is actually literally just a giant block of glass

the internals are just a toshiba display panel with a fine lenticular lens, plus a little microcontroller to store calibration data and send button presses over usb hid

@wolf480pl @weird_hell i have not, but i can see around the edges of it and the edges look lenticularized

@wolf480pl @weird_hell no, what i mean is i can see around the edges of the glass that it looks like the glass does nothing and all of the functionality seems to be done by a layer behind where the glass is

@weird_hell @ky0ko Vulkan is The Way of The Future™ in that it is closer to how current-day GPUs work and abstracts less things away, and the things it does abstract it does in ways that are useful for modern drivers and GPU architectures, so it therefore has less overhead

OpenGL will never go away. it may be replaced by an implementation of OpenGL using Vulkan, however

for small things the performance gain from Vulkan is extremely negligible at the cost of a ton more effort

@weird_hell @ky0ko Vulkan is cool for stuff that pushes the limits of hardware, or stuff that is emulating other hardware

e.g. Dolphin, RPCS3; they emulate systems with very different ideas of how GPUs work, and by doing that with OpenGL as a target, they have to translate from $console's logic, to OpenGL logic, and then OpenGL logic has to be translated to $gpu logic by the driver

Vulkan logic still doesn't map 1:1 to hardware logic but it's a lot closer

@unascribed @weird_hell @ky0ko

> OpenGL will never go away.

Apple already deprecated OpenGL for Metal on its platforms.

@rozenglass @weird_hell @ky0ko Apple has been intentionally breaking OpenGL on macOS for years, this was never news

Apple's whole schtick is vendor lock-in, of course they're going to force Metal now that they have it

(also, note: OpenGL on macOS is not going away, they've just pledged to stop updating it or adding new extensions to their implementation. which already happened.)

@rozenglass @weird_hell @ky0ko by combining Zink and MoltenVK though you can run Mesa GL on macOS

still experimental, but, it exists.

@ky0ko oh neat, whats the viewing angle on that before the 3d becomes a garbled mess?

@ky0ko That's a bit greater than I'd have thought, and also explains why all the marketing for that thing was shot at very particular angles....

@pyredrid it's technically still just a lenticular lens display, but it's a pretty good one. 45 different viewpoints over a 50 degree viewing area, no eye tracking necessary

@ky0ko Its definitely a huge step up from 8 or so years ago where I messed around with a 30 degree lenticular lens with only like, 8 or 9 viewpoints.

A larger one would be super cool to use as a blender viewport now that I think of it. Especially for VR/AR modeling since headsets are such a pita to take on and off while working... q.q

@pyredrid that's one of the things they like to advertise it as good for

@ky0ko but what does the video signal look like if you send it to a normal display?

@martijnbraam here is a screenshot taken from that display with hologears running

@martijnbraam you may also be interested in this set - this is a hand-made quilt that just fades colors as you move left to right, and what it looks like postprocessed

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