tired: running wayland because it's better than x

wired: running wayland so i have an excuse for not doing screen share in work calls

@ky0ko galaxybrain: launching a vm cause now you can screenshare the vm desktop :laughing_cirno:

@ky0ko screen share on wayland technically works in my setup - but it can only share the full screen, not a single window, and I'm running dual 4k monitors so lol.

@kepstin @ky0ko What is your setup? I have the opposite situation 🤔 I'm using Plasma with Wayland on AMD.

@Zambyte @kepstin yeah i also have the opposite (sway or plasma wayland, with amd - only windows can be shared, and only if they're using xwayland)

@Zambyte @ky0ko I'm using Firefox's native wayland support on gnome-shell. In this setup, Firefox uses the xdg portal system to request a video stream from the wayland compositor.

@kepstin @Zambyte ... firefox can do screen sharing?

that's actually somewhat scary.

@kepstin @Zambyte i habitually sandbox any app that is capable of screen sharing and launch it only for exactly the duration i need to be using it

@ky0ko @kepstin It requests permission before sharing I believe, just like your mic or webcam.

@Zambyte @kepstin that doesn't stop the pop up selfie camera from activating randomly on my moto one hyper when i visit shady sites. or, apparently, ebay.

@ky0ko @Zambyte part of the webrtc specs. when using the portal system it has to go through two layers of auth - the first in the browser, the second is from gnome-shell (or the host side of the portal), a separate application.

This system was designed for used with sandboxed flatpak applications.

@ky0ko @Zambyte And yeah, there's nothing in X11 to stop any app from grabbing the windows of any other X11 app - no user notification or permission prompts involved at all.

@Zambyte @ky0ko For what it's worth, gnome's implementation of the desktop capture portal *does* support requesting access for individual windows, that part's just not wired up in Firefox as of the last time I checked.

@ky0ko lol screenshare is broken for me on X too. Probably has to do with Firefox on OpenBSD though …

@ky0ko Interestingly screen sharing chromium tabs works on wayland.

@ky0ko inspired: running wayland so you can do the cool four finger swipe trackpad thing to switch between workspaces in gnome

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