i have an sgi graphics card but it's the wrong one!


i actually could buy an sgi indigo2 right now that this card will fit into but im not sure about its cpu

how good is an r8000 ...

note: i got this card assuming it was something different than it was and it was my mistake. it wasnt someone shipping me the incorrect item or anything

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a 75mhz r8000 has a peak performance of roughly four times what a 150mhz r4400 has, but peak performance isn't necessarily the thing to care about here

i need to know the cruising speed, how does it perform on real world tasks i care about

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this is something that ian mapleson seems to not have a ton of data on, which is unfortunate

maybe i'll just have to get one and collect the data myself .......

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@ky0ko is it an impact card?

Cos funnily end I am looking for a GPU for a non impact Indigo2 that's whats wrong in my broken one (either that or the io backplane board)

But GPUs are super rare to find

@SEGFAULT depending on what i end up doing as far as obtaining an indigo2, i may end up with a spare gpu i could send...

@ky0ko that, I would appreciate,

there's an io backplane I've tracked down that been on German ebay for years now, that I've been holding off buying because I dont know if it will actually solve my problem, GPUs are just out of my price range completely.

When I get home I should reboot the damned thing and post the error screen maybe someone in the SGI scene can tell me what died.

I am hoping when I can get my machines into the same place at the same time I can play the parts swapping game, but that could be months away.

@ky0ko oh FYI if the machine is a complete writeoff I might have a spare R8000 I could send you

@ky0ko there should be an online retrocomputing museum that allows for patrons to borrow machine time remotely via telepresence robots so one can test particular use cases without the expense of finding and acquiring rare hardware before one has the requisite knowledge to know if its worth it.

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