my girlfriends keep enabling my retrocomputing addiction and i appreciate them for it very much

i would not have my starmax, my indy, or my 486 without the girlfriends in question and now im getting another thing too i guess and its a toshiba libretto

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out of those the starmax has gotten the most use by far, i think it might actually be my most used computer in the past four weeks that isnt my gaming desktop

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it amuses me that i get so much usefulness out of the starmax when i have so many other computers that are objectively better

i cant even put any more than 96mb of ram in here, and thats a totally artificial limit for this model (the faster model is exactly the same in every way aside from clock speed and that the memory controller is programmed to recognize up to 160mb)

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but regardless,

it runs netbsd fantastically, and has been a very nice reliable little server box and can talk to or read/write disks for just about anything else we might feel like setting up around here

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