this is a picture of the motherboard of one of the x11 terminals

96% certain that what i have circled here is a jtag header

@ky0ko this motherboard looks really cute to me for some reason??

@ky0ko i assume ck, do, and di are clock, data out, and data in. what's ms?

@hierarchon @ky0ko that's the microsoft pin, you activate that if you're going to be running garbage software

@hierarchon "mode select"

what it does varies based on what's happening on the bus

it's basically a trigger pin for whatever device is selected to do ... something

@ky0ko Interesting, how do you know it's JTAG rather than UART (which would have been my guess)?

@lanodan the chipset actually does not have a uart at all

the serial ports on the board are provided by what i think is a pci serial device

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