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how do you design software ecosystems that are universally useful, at a personal level, but are hostile to exploitation by capitalists and corporations

how can you make something that benefits everyone, but cannot be monetized, overtaken by corporate influenced, or used by governments to perform evil

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@ky0ko you have to make them explicitly part of the commons and can only be rented by private capitals for fixed length periods.

@zx who does the rent go to? how does that sustain the project fairly? how do we make it so that nobody feels obligated to serve the needs of a high-paying corporation, and how do we prevent those aligned with the corporation from making changes that only benefit that corporation claiming it benefits their private use?

can these problems be solved by changing how the software is designed in the first place, rather than how the community around it functions, or via licensing?

@ky0ko I'm deeply skeptical of any policy wedged into the protocol. We have to be explicit about who the space is for. I'm thinking about something like how radio spectrum is centrally managed and how ip and dns names used to be managed.

I want the private use to explicit subsidise the public use. That anyone for free can use the resource.

@zx what "protocol"? what "space"? you're thinking too far ahead. i'm not asking about some specific class of "killer app" i could write

what i'm asking is more, can i make the tools i write and use on a daily basis (very few of which have any sort of "protocol" or notable community around them) more useful to everyone, while preventing them from having any business value?

@zx an example of a thing i'm doing now that does that is porting netbsd to nintendo consoles.

making netbsd work on those is not useful to any business and likely never will be. but it is something i will find very useful and it will be useful to people other than myself as well.

what else can i do that provides utility to myself and my friends and other people like me without having any utility to those who seek to make profit?

@zx what could i do that would affect more people, in a bigger way, than porting netbsd to the nintendo wii, while remaining entirely useless to the megacorporations that have their eyes on me?

@ky0ko make art and give it freely away with non-commercial license clause?

@ky0ko the rent should go to a democratically elected organising body

@ky0ko gotta make it hard to make big money using it, or an experience that is hostile to advertising.

Anticapitalist Software Ecosystems 

Anticapitalist Software Ecosystems 

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