@Miredly it is pretty great and there is about a 100% chance it's going to replace my ryzen laptop as my daily driver

@Miredly the software ecosystem is... somewhat iffy

but i have the benefit of regularly excessively tweaking systems to work for me, and also being an embedded systems software developer who regularly works on arm stuff, so doing something like running my own u-boot fork to fix the problems with the ones being used by all the distros will be a non-issue for me

@ky0ko is the pro enough to watch 1080p60fps youtube video fluently enough? if so i might look out to replace my current laptop

@koyu as long as its h.264 or h.265 its fine, both of those are hardware accelerated

@ky0ko so h.264/h.265 hardware decoding in firefox does work?

@koyu firefox doesn't have hardware decoding support. chromium also doesn't. you need a browser like falkon

@koyu to be clear i'm not saying they don't have support for that on the *pinebook*, i'm saying they don't have support for it in general

@koyu i just watched some youtube stuff in firefox, 1080p fullscreen, and it looked fine to me


@ky0ko @koyu So it's probably not a good device for viewing my library of random media rips on my NAS, is it?

@aidalgol @koyu depends on your video formats you store in

it might be okay, it might not

@ky0ko @koyu For comparison, do most android-based tablets on the market only handle x.26[45] well?

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