@ky0ko @bigl0af Magneto optical is such a cool format. Shame it never took off


@lithiumsulfate @bigl0af i agree

i think it'd be really great if they had taken over instead of hard disk drives

@ky0ko @bigl0af The problem was their less than optimal write speeds. The original NeXT cube had one (and no HD) and apparently they dropped it simply because it was very slow to write to it

@ky0ko @bigl0af MiniDiscs were really cool though, seemed to be the only mass market use of it. Also a shame that the RIAA stronghanded sony into making their data MD's a different physical size so you couldn't use them everywhere -- really nerf'd their adoption into the computer space

@lithiumsulfate @bigl0af they were and sometimes still are used for medical archival purposes as well

if you want data to last a really really long time, MO is a great format for it

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