google is really good at releasing competing products to their existing products

google talk, google chat, google voice, google hangouts, google allo, google duo, google hangouts chat (different than google hangouts and google chat!)

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oh, and google messenger, which while primarily for sms/mms, also has an entirely different google messenger specific thing

Show thread Or don't forget the grand-daddy of them all: Google Groups (nee DejaNews) (the first Google product which could be construed as being anything close to "social media". Amazingly, they still run it after 20 odd years and people still use it, probably because for better or worse no better Usenet archive exists)

@ky0ko this baffled me until i read an article that explained that launching a major feature or service is a required to get certain promotions at google

@ky0ko they regularly kill off interesting projects, too. That's what you have to expect from for-profit organizations. They do everything they think valuable and drop everything that costs too much. Google stopped not being evil long ago.
Only way to face it: don't use their centralized, closed source services.

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