@sc using a peltier device as a generator

they're better known as cooling devices - you give it power, it makes one side hot and one side cold

but the reverse works just as well - make one side hotter than the other and it makes electricity

@ky0ko @sc I was about to ask if that's a peltier - that chip looked familiar :3

That's one heck of a heat sink!

Also that was technically a gas powered gameboy :thonking:

@polychrome @sc gotta keep the other side cool!

we were playing with it earlier to create a heat differential so we could feel the cold it makes and i wanted to make sure there wouldn't be any problems with it

so i grabbed my gf's old noctua cpu cooler and thermal pasted the peltier to it

@polychrome @ky0ko @sc

having a fun time imagining a gameboy with a 20 pound engine attached to the back of it with a gas tank

@sc @polychrome @ky0ko i can say yes to this without looking it up and I'm not sure what that says about me

Tbh this lacks power regulation, you can fry the gb is supply more voltage that the 2 batteries, however this peltier seems to output less so ur safe.
(Btw you could optimize this setup by installing the cooler onto some frame so that you can settle candle under it. Also use copper or graphite plate on the hot side (that you heat up) peltier itself is bad at spreading heat)

@replikvlt im aware, i selected the gameboy based on the voltage i was getting out of it since it seemed to barely hit the right range

and yea i thought about that already! dont have any good candles though

@ky0ko Holy crap. Who knew that with help, fire could be used to create new life? My love for fire has suddenly increased exponentially, which is saying something because I already loved fire a lot, being a kitsune and all...

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