@ky0ko Why no gnome? I didn't realize Gnome had any association with gnu.

@astraluma gnome started as a gnu project, gnu still asserts that it is

gtk+ started as a gnu project, gnu still asserts that it is (it was originally the gnu image manipulation program toolkit)

if gnu say its theirs, im going to try and avoid it and use qt instead

that does limit options for certain utilities a lot, like web browser, but i'll figure that out once i get there

im planning to have lxqt and kde for full blown desktop options

@ky0ko Oh yeah, I figured you were going to lean into KDE/etc.

Did not know that gnome maintained ties with gnu/fsf.

@astraluma gnu doesn't really ever let go of their projects, it takes a massive amount of fuss and controversy to do that and has only ever happened twice (and one of those cases, gnu will insist never happened, and the project is part of gnu again now)

@ky0ko That sounds a lot like gnu. To be honest, I would not take gnu's word over if a given project is practically part of gnu or if they just claim ownership (you know, like gnu/linux).

@astraluma well, ultimately, if things go how i want, gnu and the fsf are going to be looking at this project

and classifying it as free software that respects your freedom

and when they do, i want them to have to file it under their "linux distributions that are not gnu" category, which currently only includes an android distribution


@astraluma if gnu thinks that froebel is a gnu based system, then i have failed

@ky0ko not gonna lie, I've thought about looking into gnu-free distros but, tbh, I got rid of my last arch system (in favor of debian) so i'd spend less time on manual system maintenance.

@astraluma there exists no distro that is as gnu-free as i intend froebel to be, so once its more usable maybe give it a closer look?

@ky0ko Whether it's usable for my purposes (namely, does SaltStack understand it) depends a lot on decisions wrt package management, init, etc.

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