my girlfriend

just used sed

to process an audio file

@ky0ko sed is also having trouble processing that audio file

@Miredly we wanted to see what something would sound like if converted to 1 bit pcm at 9600hz

@Miredly so this sed script takes a wav file converted to a text representation, converts it to *effective* 1 bit pcm (actually 8 bit but everything is -128 or +127), then its converted back to wav and sent to aplay

@ky0ko Sounds reasonable- I'm guessing the result is that it sounds really, really distorted?

@hierarchon it converted a file to a text representation

and then used a sed script to process it into effective 1 bit pcm by replacing all lines with the sign of that line

...and it just turned it into a one liner, to do this to an arbitrary audio file

@hierarchon it is playing audio live piped through sed right now and im just

in awe honestly

@ky0ko @hierarchon look, i didn't really have a simpler way to output 1-bit pcm because apparently that's not a format anything uses


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