with valve's new shader compiler for amd gpus on linux

nier automata now runs faster on linux through proton than it does on windows

@ky0ko I'm really happy that Valve is putting the work in on Proton. That's why I've stuck with Steam too even though Epic has better curation. Steam actually cares about the platform I'm on.

@ky0ko I just wanna say, even though this particular part of technology is very far away from me, it just warms my heart whenever anything graphical on Linux runs faster than somewhere else :-)

@ky0ko my AMD GPU isn't gcn3 so I can't run it yet 😭

@ky0ko I played through Nier entirely on Linux with a Steam Controller and was extremely surprised about how it ran just as well as I would have expected it to on Windows. Honestly I'm having trouble imagining it could have been any better.
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