i could do nothing and my contract would be extended 6 months

but i wanna go to seattle and get a different job

@ky0ko If your contract extends, how much notice do you need to give to get out of it?

Can you survive if you didn't extend it, and didn't get a job immediately (usually the answer is no)?

Do you like the place you're working at?

You're running it close to get a completed job offer in two weeks time, most people seem to move more slowly than that ...

@jim a fair bit

if it extends it is probably best for me to remain another 6 months

i can survive, financially speaking, in my current situation for.... a while actually, my expenses here are very low. i cannot speak to my continued mental health if i remain in this city though.

i don't *hate* my job and tbh if i could get them to allow me to work remotely (which i'm already *doing*, just from a space they rent) i'd just extend the conract, but that isn't happening

@jim i've got one place that is waiting for a signature approval on an already-sent-to-me offer and they've told me i have the job. they suggested i'd have the official offer this weekend, when i applied thursday and interviewed friday.

@jim in addition to that i have a promise of something that falls into "dream job" territory from a person i trust in a position of power to offer me that, though not immediately.

and a reasonable backup plan to get by if things go south.

@jim i have a number of other applications that i fully expect could result in an offer given another few weeks. they are past the "hr approving my resume" stage, which is usually where i fail.

i am good at interviewing.

@ky0ko Because no-one owes you anything, I'd *always* wait to see a signed offer before jumping. I'd also recommend not even getting *excited* until you see the signed offer either, although that's harder ...

How late can you put off re-signing? Can you ask for a gap of a few weeks? Will your dream job person wait for you to say 'yes, in 6 months time'?

Are you willing to risk all this to just move to Seattle *without* any confirmed financial stability?

@jim im not pulling the trigger early without at least one signed offer

i cannot put off the re-signing past the end of contract date, to my understanding.

the dream job person can wait if it is necessary. without going into details too much, its an open offer and there is little chance he will be unable to provide it to me in a few months barring collapse of an entire industry

yes, because it gets me away from aspects of my current situation i can no longer handle

As long as you're thinking carefully (which it sounds like you are) and you have a workable backup plan that will give you food & shelter in Seattle, you have good options. Sometimes just *having* good options is enough of a buffer against the world, because you're not powerless if you have options.

Good luck 🙂

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