it built!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



gamecube wii!

@ky0ko oh yes, of course. How could I be so silly as to forget that! (But, like, why?)

@woah (the wii is basically just a gamecube with some stuff tacked on, and the wii u is a wii with more tacked on, and i'm hoping to support all 3 with this)

@ky0ko WiiU and Wii don't share architecture do they?? You will need to compile 3 different kernels because of this.

@woah yes??

they absolutely do

the gamecube, wii, and wii u all run powerpc 750 cores

the wii and wii u also have a tiny arm "security processor" that doesn't really actually secure very much

@woah the wii u is similar enough to the wii that the wii os can run with very few modifications

@woah the vWii mode is that - just the wii os, but with a new wifi driver and some extra encryption

@ky0ko I am not really versed that is in Nintendo hardware beyond the 3ds / nds so forgive my misinformation

@ky0ko I know the wiiu has wii hardware but doesn't the wii and wii u have dual CPU?

@woah yeah, they have the separate arm security processor - for linux on both these platforms, it's basically turned off - there's a register you can enable to just hand over all control to powerpc

@woah this register is, of course, undocumented and not supposed to be used but it's there

@ky0ko fucking nice.

Has this been done before? netbsd on wii?

@woah alternately you can let ios (the wii operating system, or at least so much as it has one) just run on that core and talk to it through a hardware ipc interface, which wiilinux can also do

@ky0ko well I'll be damned. Is the WiiU/Wii powerful enough to do anything with Linux?

@woah the wii is pretty light - only has 88mb of ram, single core at 729mhz

but it's a decent testing system and can be a useful small server

linux is also used as an os platform for some wii homebrew

the wii u has 3 cores at 1.25ghz and 2gb of ram which is more than enough to use comfortably as a desktop system imo. that's gonna get you way more than, say, a raspi

wii u linux is not really totally working though

@ky0ko I want in on some of this. Let me know where I could help. IDK BSD but I LOVE Linux.

@woah i've been using linux since i was 6

lately i'm leaning towards prefering bsd stuff

different philosophy to it and i like it more

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