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to those who wonder if i have something against capital letters


yes i do

everyones playin the new pokemon game and here i am considering picking xy/oras back up

but i'm not sure

one of the pins is hooked up to what looks to be a transistor? as an output from the board

considering taking this x terminal to work and hooking up the logic analyzer to the debug header to see what i can see

i partially disassembled the boot roms and there are *definitely* messages that it's printing somewhere, and that debug header is a solid candidate

it's 3 pins. i'd bet it's some kind of uart - tx, rx, ground

"But any attempt to simulate an economy risks also simulating economics, which is what we call it when millions of individual, rational decisions act together to create utter madness on a grand scale. Now, unfortunately, economics has happened to Planet Zoo."

the apple iic is a really cute little computer, especially with the official monitor

panning is important

did it bad before, led to listening fatigue

this one is better now


i need information about the iwm chip in the macintosh 128k/512k/plus, and how it behaves from the cpu's perspective

i cant access macintosh repository

i cant access the ncd-x website for my x terminals or any site that has their files

i can't access bmow's website

i can't access whatever site it was that had the fujitsu magneto-optical drivers for mac

why is every site i can't access, related to retrocomputing or old computer devices somehow

i am honestly confused what is happening right now

my phone, trying to connect to a website: "ok, here you go!"

my desktop pc, trying to connect to that same website, through my phone's wifi hotspot: "this website does not exist. this website's ip address does not exist. stop trying to access this website."

so i'm poking around with these old x terminal boards again

they are based off the nec vr4300 processor and vr4373 system controller

everything i can see that uses this, that is supported in any open source operating systems, treats the vr4373 system controller as its own "board" and interfaces to everything via that

so... this board might already be technically supported by some stuff?

and might be able to port netbsd to it pretty quickly if true??

december is what you get when your PDP-11 finally burns out

Chilean protesters are using lasers to bring down drones. Facial recognition cameras, drones and robots in general will make it hard for humans to protest in future.

welcome to hellthread

population you, me, and 37 sockpuppet accounts

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