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to those who wonder if i have something against capital letters


yes i do

old computer PSA 

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old computer PSA 

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old computer PSA 

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old computer PSA 

also if anyone happens to have an AppleCD SC lying around and is willing to part with it message me

if the prospect of a good, newly manufactured, fully-open-source laptop with a powerpc processor appeals to you, please go donate to this project.

it's everything i want out of a personal laptop.

these are the only operating systems that exist. what is your favorite operating system

(boosts good)

so, c standard says that wchar_t exists for handling things like unicode text.

but the unicode standard specifically says that wchar_t should not be used for handling unicode text in portable applications.

...what is correct here?

experiment, boosts welcome 

important info for western washington residents 

being nice to robots 

study on religious discrimination in the american public schooling system 

hi does anyone have the ability to teach/know of good resources (i.e. *you* learned from it) for learning 3D model design for 3D printing?

The CDC has ordered a nationwide eviction moratorium that runs through the end of the year. The goal is to prevent the spread of COVID19.

The order, information on how to halt an eviction, and the limitations of the order, are in the PDF stored here:

More context from NPR:

Hiya! Money is a little tight for me this month so I'm opening small commissions! If you're interested or have any questions, feel free to DM or email me! Boosts are greatly appreciated!! 💖💖 #art #mastoarṭ #commissons

I miss being able to grab a multiplayer game and know that I could likely find a server running my favorite map 24/7 that has a weird small community built around it.

But naw, everything is matchmaking and hosted by the dev now, so they can ensure they control when everyone stops playing, and create a post-sale monetization pipeline.

note that steam crashes if i launch steam with SDL_VIDEODRIVER=x11

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if i set SDL_VIDEODRIVER=x11 in the launch options?

it works, apparently

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update: if i launch this unity game *outside* of steam it launches successfully and works, at least until it sees it's not running under steam and relaunches itself under steam

it then proceeds to not work, from within steam

can someone find me an investor who has enough cash to throw around to pay the likely-higher-than-$185,000 gTLD application fee for whenever the next round opens

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