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to those who wonder if i have something against capital letters


yes i do

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google play store: download our app to manage [daily thing] by syncing it to our servers for analysis THE CLOUD and we’ll use advertising algorithms MACHINE LEARNING to make it easier

f-droid: yeah mate it’s a shopping list app it’ll make a text file so you can look at your shopping list

Software Freedom Conservancy: “Richard Stallman Does Not and Cannot Speak for the Free Software Movement”
👏👍 Great to see a clear stand from a group in the #FLOSS space.

And on the seventh day, God said "They don't think it be like it is, but it do." And it did.

oh, its football season isnt it

that must be why i keep hearing people yelling and clapping

would palm still be around? would we be running palm webos phones if apple hadn't been there to overshadow them?

would beos have caught on in the desktop market?

(if so, can i live in that world please?)

apple didn't invent the idea of a capacitive multitouch screen, but they bought the only company seriously working on making them able to work in mobile devices - both from a hardware and a software standpoint - and they funded that engineering work.

when apple announced the iphone in 2007, that was new, and that was *amazing* - there was nothing else like it. who would've funded that research if apple hadn't?

just over 2 decades ago, in 1997 or so, apple was dying, and it seemed like there was no way they'd ever come back.

then steve jobs and jony ive and some other folks got together and came up with the imac, which saved apple.

if that hadn't happened, what would our world look like today?

what would our world look like if apple had gone bankrupt and never were able to push out products like the ipod and iphone?

what would our mobile device landscape look like?

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