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to those who wonder if i have something against capital letters


yes i do

ssl certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate


why are only some websites working with https on my new netbsd install

someone replied to my problem report and said it may be fixed in current but i don't have the energy to build and test a kernel right now

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my powermac g4 is now running netbsd 8.2 and is happily compiling a bunch of pkgsrc packages

netbsd powermac g4 problems 

ok welp

netbsd reinstall on the g4 didn't work

still hangs before mounting root

like realistically what is the average number of people installing netbsd on a computer at any given time

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i wonder if the number of people installing netbsd at this very moment is greater than 1 (me) and if it is, what it is

i might also look for a suitable sata card so i can have newer/faster drives...

i'm pretty sure there are ones with openfirmware roms that can do sata 300 so i could even boot osx off that and not need to do some silly thing with compactflash adapters

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hold on, let's see... 64-bit pci 2.0 in 66mhz mode limits me to

133 * 2 = 266 * 2 = 533MB/s?

yeah ok i can get our full gigabit on that

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i also would possibly like a 64-bit pci fiber ethernet card though im not sure it would actually be that useful?

it might be, idk

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some old random pci card that works with openfirmware, a radeon hd 4670 in the agp slot since thats basically going to be the best possible performance i can get in this machine and still supports at least opengl 3.3, and a radeon hd 5450 in pci so i can have opengl 4.5 (maybe 4.6?) for a very few specific things and experimentation

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what if i just end up with like

three different graphics cards in my powermac g4



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