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kyouko the glitch witch

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to those who wonder if i have something against capital letters


yes i do

i will play some quake champions

i might stream

i should connect computer to projector

project games on wall

play from comfort of bed

he said he was going to buy me one after he got himself one and i was like "ooh ! i wish i had one"

then corsair, where he got it, was out of them, and we walked around and found another place selling them

i saw the price and was like "no you aren't buying that for me you don't need to do that" but he did anyway

my dad bought me an $80 desk mat while at quakecon and i really really like it

i have needed one of these for a long time

i just,

really really want to cuddle someone right now and kiss them and tell them they are cute and i love them,

i have to pee really bad but i'm in a car

he's already found an imac locally and i have enough spare parts that we can start testing the idea

my dad's, he wants to be a very stock-looking imac g3, original monitor if at all possible, but with a good modern pc internals stuffed inside

nice ryzen machine stuffed inside that

mine is going to not be stock, but rather heavily modified - quake logo cutouts in the case with lcds on the inside, showing the quake lava texture

painted over with weathered metallic looking textures

crt replaced with an lcd with care to make it still look crt-ish

apple badge replaced perhaps with an id software badge

raspi and battery inside, to run the lava animation on both the side and front lcds when the computer is unplugged and i am carrying it

we both want to build sleepers in old all-in-one macintoshes

i want a macintosh se

he wants an imac g3

i really want to make my custom computer case build for next year's quakecon

my dad wants a custom build too

aaaaaaa road trips

stupid lack of internet

i want to internet!

hi do any cool people need a gf

because i can be that

pros: i have a cute voice,
im a total nerd,
i will probably love the heck out of you

cons: im a really picky eater,
sometimes i just get overwhelmed and shut down,
i complain about my dad a lot

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