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applications are now open for the position of "my girlfriend"

applicants must be located within 200 miles of indianapolis, be cute as judged by me, not be a jerkface, and enjoy cuddles

girl applicants preferred, but boy and enby applicants will be considered

bonus points are awarded for being able to speak french, japanese, swedish, norwegian, portugese, or polish, for being vegetarian or vegan, and for overlapping interests in the anime and gaming categories

dm for further details


does fedi need polls


✔️ yes (100%)
⚪ no (0%)


451 votes ▪️ 3 days left

does fedi need polls


✔️ yes (100%)
⚪ no (0%)


451 votes ▪️ 3 days left

or an erlang programmer

i'd learn me some erlang for great good

i wonder what kind of employment i could theoretically find as a lisp / scheme programmer

Are you using
Check out some better instances, please! is comfy, have a check out of, or!

We don't want another twitter, abandon today! :3

i got a flyer in the mail from a local car dealer saying i'd won something and it might be $7,500

so i went there in case it was $7,500

then the guy tried to sell me a car and i was like "i'm jobless and broke sorry, you can't really sell me something i can't buy" and he was like "oh okay then" and it was awkward

and then he gave me this knockoff ipod

i've got all sorts of cool 3-decade old programming books maybe i should actually read them

my dad wants me to mow the lawn and I took one step outside and was like "heck no that ain't happenin"

I got complimented on the pride shirt I'm wearing by the cashier

how to have a lifetime supply of bread:
step 1: go buy bread
step 2: repeat step 1 when ur low on bread

i think girls are cute

and i want girls to think im cute

and i want to cuddle with cute girls who think im cute