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to those who wonder if i have something against capital letters


yes i do

this is all the more incentive for me to set up a distcc cluster

eventually i3 will finish compiling on my indy and i can be a little more comfortable doing dev stuff on it ...

eventually ...

i could just go and make a file in /tmp and map it to those, and never flush it back, but i don't like that idea


it would be good, for this virtualization scheme, if i could create one anonymous mmap, to three different locations

i need the same 2mb of data to show up at 0x00000000, 0x80000000, and 0xA0000000

thinking it might be viable to just,

run the ps1 code all within one process, and have the emulation bits as a separate process attached to the first as a debugger

important things i need to figure out are how to catch syscall instructions and how to catch calls to coprocessors

im wanna try this

im booting up the indy and im gonna toy with this idea

what if

ps1 trap-and-execute virtual machine for mips-based machines (written on my sgi indy)

if the fantasy's so final then why are there 15 of them

do u wanna watch me play pokemon randomizer and if so which

i should play a pokemon emerald randomizer and stream it

love running a "universal java binary" that breaks because you don't have the right version boost c++ libraries

this requires me first to find a way to get a better (higher sample rate) recording from the sdr but that's manageable

what am i going to do it on?

i'm not sure but im thinking "how to spy on your coworkers using a $30 sdr kit from amazon and some open source software"

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