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to those who wonder if i have something against capital letters


yes i do

A dream position: any in which I can say "no, sorry, we do not support Microsoft Windows"

once upon a time I was tired and wanted cuddles

that time,

was right now

been feeling unproductive but coded some functions anyway πŸ‘

the only missing thing for my engine to have a working cvar / console command system is a thing to take a command string and tokenize it, then run that command if it exists

variables and variable types are implemented as well as a command to set them

loading a config file and running it line by line is implemented

just need the glue in between that actually calls the commands

i swear it was called "nforth" but i'm not getting anything by searching that

there was a program i used to toy with years ago and i'm trying to find it and i can't find it

it was a cellular automata of sorts, but instead of being like game-of-life, each cell actually had code, written in a forth derivitave language. the cells could divide, and as they would, they would randomly mutate.

there were selection mechanisms, like needing food to produce energy, to move / reproduce

you could write the code yourself and see how it changed and evolved as you ran it through the simulation.

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should go to bed but don't want to get up

also assassination classroom is good

sitting in living room recliner

warm blanket

cat on lap

watch anime

happy comfy ky0ko

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seriously the idea that the only thing you need for turing completeness is the concept of a function, is mind boggling to me

you don't need lists or numbers or true and false or loops or anything else

because you can just build those out of functions that just return other functions

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