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to those who wonder if i have something against capital letters


yes i do

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me looking at quake code 10 years ago: "hey these are some neat tricks here, good job carmack"

me looking at quake code now: "the eldritch horrors within the game are but childsplay next to those that lurk within its sources. turn back now, before it is too late to save the final scraps of your mind."

the fact that the compiler isn't giving me a bazillion warnings on this source file makes me think there must be something wrong with the compiler

ok, time to track down another bug. i saw this one in quake 2, also. it's what valgrind reports as "conditional jump or move depends on uninitialized value", somewhere in the renderer. it causes a segfault if not run under valgrind.

ya know, i used to think john carmack's code was good

oh no someone in my "gayyyy" list posted something that got filtered and now i'm curious despite knowing full well that with my filters i'll regret finding out

anyway I think Homestuck is one of the most elaborate pieces of literature ever created, and quite technically and objectively good, its just that no one should ever read it


i fixed this issue like 3 months ago in a quake 2 codebase but i can't remember what i did

i know something somewhere is making a bad assumption that pointers are 32 bit but i don't know exactly where, only loosely where

update: dolphin does not run on the pinebook pro because it requires opengl3 and panfrost doesn't offer that yet

i can't test it right now because im at work but it doesn't SIGILL this time!

there's a bit of code using duff's device to do, something, to the video framebuffer, and valgrind literally crashes on it

i ran my quake port under valgrind and let me tell you, it is *not* happy

oh, another goal: reduce ram usage as much as possible

stock quake requires 8mb of ram to run, various forks have pared it down to 4 successfully

i'd like the engine to be able to run in only 2mb

anyway last night i got the x11 software renderer version building

there are some issues though

quake's codebase isn't really 64-bit clean

the most obvious breakage is that the software renderer just kind of, uh, doesn't work

luckily i already know the issue since i've fixed the same problem in quake 2

a bunch of engine forks sacrifice the portability of the engine in the name of modernization

i'd rather go a different direction, cleaning up the engine enough to build cleanly with modern compiler suites and attempting to increase ease of porting and fix portability issues i am already painfully aware of that other forks (aside from one) just make worse

i've finally done the thing i've wanted to for several years and begun maintaining my own fork of the original quake engine

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