if i sold all the akai s6000 floppies i had i could afford an akai s6000

next project idea ramblings 

i have an (as-of-now) incredibly abstract idea for a plaintext document format which has in-band syntax-highlighting-ish rules affixed to the beginning or end somewhere that would format the text for terminal/html output and provide relevant hints for screenreaders.

i'm intending for this to treat fixed-width highlighted-text output as its intended output medium, while solving accessibility issues, and allowing versatile formatting without needing some heavy domain-specific stack above it.

effectively, what i want is a .txt file with vim `:syn`/`:hi` commands after it as the markup.

reimporting my Following export from last year. if you are on my page and wondering who i am: its me, big katie, author of such classic hits as, "what if mr krabs wrote ready player one" and "i want to devour some scalding hot pennies"


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