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[NSFW furry art] refsheets for my fursonae Show more

all these bloop noises are giving me little hits of dopamine

(tony-jay-as-shere-khan voice) mmplease, continue....

still sometimes fond of that vaporwave cotton candy hair sometimes

....buuut i just like the black+pink too much now lol

[nude but nothing is showing; furry art] i -am- the genderweird flag Show more

[technically SFW but still nude? furry art] horsey! Show more

that weird sizzling sound you hear is two radioactive masses coming in contact

me + @IrisKalmia :3

hourly comics from a while ago, only got from 9am-4pm bc the rest of the day was basically the 1-3pm panel anyway lol

[NSFW furry art] just a lil slip of the tongue.... Show more

[NSFW furry art] sometimes i feel more demonic than usual Show more

[NSFW furry art; drugs] ("feel good hit of the summer" starts playing) Show more

[NSFW furry art] check out my bum Show more

[NSFW furry art] still kind of a big mood sometimes Show more

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