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looking for a new [retro] tech-focused instance ... any opinions on,, or others I don't know about?

I moved accounts a while back, but given the news, I want to put out there one last time that you can find me at @lori

Shame to see the place go but it's understandable!

Wait have I been posting from the wrong account

Oh right because my phone restarted because I hate this phone

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so unicode refuses to add flags for nonbinary/bi/ace/aro/etc. but they'll happily add a sbarro pride flag? 🇮🇹 smh

also lol i forgot whalebird starts on the first account in my list so i'm posting from my old one NOW I GOTTA REPOST >:(

Mockingbird got close enough to the camera to snap a pic

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So satisfying in #DiscGolf when you visualise a shot, pick the right disc and execute it perfectly 😎🥏

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imagining a guy with a five-restaurant McDonald’s franchise in Portugal or Finland or something just throwing together “McMessage” over a weekend, and demanding that the EU force iMessage and WhatsApp to interoperate with it

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A male Striped Blue Crow (Euploea mulciber) spotted at Pasir Ris Park, Singapore, on 13 April 2022. Also got a shot of the brilliant blue hue found on the upper side of the wing.

Its common name refers to the female, which do have stripes, unlike the plainer male.

On iNaturalist [ ]

#iNaturalist #Nature #Singapore #Photography #Insects #Butterflies #Lepidoptera

Bad distance pics only but had a second mockingbird sighting, this time a couple

I'm going to bed right now but I am going to start posting on @lori tomorrow, particularly my tech stuff. I'm not decided if I want to move stuff or just keep both accounts going right now (since I still like this instance a lot) but if you get follow requests from that account that's me!

I'm pretty sure it's a new nest since I originally considered attaching my birdhouse to that tree a while back and I'm pretty sure I would have seen it when scoping it out

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I streamed an old phone on a tripod to my regular phone to get a peek without disturbing anything

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Found a second bird nest on the property today. It is empty at the moment but I intend to check in periodically

Anything to not go back to the days of grabbing bins full of cables and fussing around with them for every console every time I want to play them

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I still haven't found a great solution for having a dozen or so RCA inputs autoswitching, right now I have three old radio shack switches that have autoswitching daisy chained into each other. It's not pretty in the cabinet (hence wanting doors as soon as they're in stock) but it works

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I'd probably have to do some more rearranging for that to happen but I'll figure it out when the time comes

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It's a little asymmetrical but I'm hoping eventually an arcade cab squeezes in on the left

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My basement setup is closer and closer to done. Ikea was out of shelves and doors for the cabinets I have so my ugly AV work for my retro stuff is very visible and I eventually want a bigger TV down here. But it's progress! The wide angle makes it look weirdly distant but it is cozy in person

I need the weather to get good so I can put my phones back out to take bird pics!!! It's too rainy I don't want them sitting out in that

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