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if you're in Seattle and want to help out at a union picket you're invited to Red Square on UW Campus at 4PM tomorrow. SEIU 925 is in contract bargaining and we're trying to drum up support among UW students for the raises we need. (some of my union siblings are working while homeless). Come join the crowd!

I think trying to emulate Twitter, Insta, FB, etc is a core piece of the problem.

Yeah, making those experiences open source is a step in the right direction, but we need to reimagine the social media concept itself because those paradigms were normalized without our interests in mind.

It's past time to let those ideas go.

(I'm struggling to stay cis here voice) I'm struggling to not read homestuck here

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i don't understand why they're called "challenge coins."

i've successfully eaten dozens of them. single gulp. no problem -- not much of a challenge.

the fed chair straight up said 'we no longer want low unemployment'

Right communists love to write shit like “The [marginalized group] Question”

You're desperate for subs, and it's because you're a...

Every apartment should have rooftop access with a dovecote so you can go hang out with pigeons

rimworld, or, as i like to call it, "joss whedon's dwarf fortress"

I Got Hit By A Grappling Hook Truck And Woke Up In A Fantasy World Full Of Busty Power Plants!? Volume 1 OST Best Quality HQ

(track for my dear nillin's gbjam entry)

Having kids with ADHD is full of challenges, but one bonus is they notice things like how fucked up the frosted Mini Wheats mascot is now.

another day volunteering at the single catastrophe which keeps piling wreckage upon wreckage. Walter Benjamin keeps asking me if he can fuck the Angel of History. Buddy, the Angel of History won't even let ME fuck her

just got out of a dream where a guy made a living by convincing rightwing women on dating apps that he was Kevin Sorbo and he needed gas money. If you're looking for a job this could be you

i always feel weird when people talk about sex positivity as though the only unhealthy attitude and the only reactionary attitude about sex is that it's bad unless it's in marriage and for procreation

when i was growing up, the message i received is that people with the type of body i have are only people, or at least are only respectable adults, to the extent that they can convince people with the other type of body to have sex with them

that idea did a lot of damage to me as a kid in large part because i never received any kind of counternarrative, even when i began consciously thinking of myself as trans and bisexual, and i instead had to make one up myself

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