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reading homestuck continued 

is this comic just an elaborate hoax to teach the zoomers about data structures??

@kate do i. do i want to know which celebrity this is about

Tacoma is called the "City of Destiny" because the Elite Four is there

if you remember Do Not Marry an American Woman you qualify for a mastodon senior discount

@kate states that let you smoke a cigarette while pumping gas

Just got COVID boosted, we're not out of the woods yet guys. Make your appointment.


"Type of Guy Theory" is mostly regarded as simply another way to mock those with different material circumstances, obsessions and mental illnesses than our own. However, i argue that in fact this analytical framework can enable us to radically reinterpret our lived experiences, revealing fascinating, even liberatory aspects of people and situations which we might previously have narrowly described as "foolish", "counterproductive" or perhaps even "fucking annoying". in this paper i will

Clout freedom to the tone of Itaewon Freedom. K-Pop deep cut as bird sing goes down in flames and Facebook puts me in fb jail for a joke but let’s real weirdos run free.

when Twitter finally goes down for good, all the posters will wake up on LiveJournal. It was all just a bad dream

Class Action Lawsuit for Seattle Renters 

"Do you or did you since 2016 rent a Seattle apartment maintained by one of the following companies: Greystar, Trammell Crow Residential, Avenue5, Equity, Essex, FPI, Lincoln, Security Properties, AvalonBay or Thrive?"
If so, you can join a class action lawsuit against these companies for rent fixing.

Happy #SpiderSunday! This is a tiny male Habronattus decorus jumping spider I found a few months ago. (Sadly it's hard to find new jumping spiders now that it's November.) #salticidae #macro #spiders #spidersarentscary

bruh leftist infighting is literally polycule drama. you're just mad your tankie ex gf called you a counterrevolutionary when fae dumped you. like. obvs people have political disagreements which we should work through as they come up but 90% of what i see is just petty namecalling. you know there are people out here who actually want to kill us, right?

i made this comic in 2008, and it becomes relevant again every few years

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