Biden is not a faschist. Biden is just a liberal. it's not good to call all horrible people fascists because it undermines how horrific liberalism is. Many genocides have been committed by liberals in the name of liberal values. liberals are enemies of radicals but they are not some abnormal evil but the status quo. it's just that the status quo is unimaginably cruel.

Police murder, Tacoma, Manuel Ellis 

"Two months before he became a full-fledged police officer, and 15 months before he helped fatally restrain Manuel Ellis, Timothy Rankine behaved so bizarrely during a training exercise that the state’s police academy warned the Tacoma Police Department about him..."

#TacomaPD knew he was unfit for duty and likely to kill, he assaulted someone else leading to a lawsuit *before* he killed Ellis. This isn't one bad cop, this is a systemic problem. How many more cops like this has TPD hired?

Still, I think I get why people find it so hard to let Twitter go.

It’s not the tool they want to preserve. It’s preventing any change at all to the way they prefer to communicate. For a select few more, it’s the reality that outside of Twitter, their “street cred” or popularity level is virtually nonexistent.

It’s an anxiety similar to that of graduating university (or high school): you’re leaving familiar surroundings & you’re more scared of the unknown… even if your surroundings was toxic.

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1. get my wife exited for microwave popcorn,
2. got out for cigarettes
3. never go back
#moneymindset #grindset #longtermism

Matteo JWHJ0715 shot down Itavia Flight 870 with a Redeye missile

@isabeloris no it's from the meme event "Goncharov" a nonexistent 1973 Scorcese production that tumblr collectively hallucinated

due to the sheer number of crimes commited by ZA/UM investors Kurvitz &co may actually get the IP back

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