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im having a good time Online because i insist on using it as a system for long-range electronic communication with other living beings rather than as an algorithmically-curated haunted house

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faved. boosted. followed. none of you are free of sin

kei cars are a classification of japanese car that are designed to take up as little space on the road as possible and they are good little friends

hey y’all so my lights will be getting cut off (I have prepaid electricity if anyone is wondering why I always need donations for my lights) so I am trying to raise the $185 I need to keep them on for the month

they need $85 to get electricity back on today


I think my sincerest TTRPG advice in this vein Is to, when struck with a raw bad feeling about a situation a character is in, about how they're based in the world or talked about by other players, the way they're perceived and exist in the rpg world, is to Consider if this Bad Feeling could maybe be shared (consciously or not) by the character itself, if it might be productive and compelling and useful for that character to interact with whatever makes you feel Bad about their situation

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is there like a kin onion compiler somewhere? script where i feed in square images and it crops and arranges them? i need to make some kin onions but don't know the first thing about photoshop

remember when Michael Phelps gave himself hickies to win the olympics

re: disco elysium 

i thought about communism so much that it made me sad and now my stats are worse. cool

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i think what we need is like, a way to talk about capitalist alienation that is demographic agnostic - like my problems are worse than they could otherwise be b/c i'm a downwardly mobile gay trans person but at the end of the day i'm a weird freak b/c of very specific family drama that can't be neatly categorized as a Gender Thing or a Sexuality Thing

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most americans think of themselves as "middle class" but have noidea what theyre in the middle between

WHEN [slurs words] IS UNDER ATTACK, WHAT DO WE DO??? BITE AND ATTACK AND BITE AND ATTACK AND BITE AND ATTACK AND BITE AND ATTACK AND BITE AND ATTACK AND [i am escorted from the womens march by three sickly ex-ISO members]

Friday September 23rd. The first morning of fall. Most of the spring vegetation has died back, and recent wildfire smoke has cleared. Bernie sign is beginning to show signs of deterioration

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john carpenter fans when john welder shows up

all Seattle busses shpuld have a forward mounted GAU-8 to obliterate cars that try to drive in the bus only lane

Find someone who loves you like khruschev loved corn

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