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if you try to pick me up by my horns they just pop loose

look, goo doesn't have that much structural integrity

Klor relayed

nsfw furry 

really big fluff here, tail transparent for now.

if you call for kobolds i WILL front

a lot of unhealthy food 

I no longer hunger

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damn it's hard to find a scale with a max weight of 200 kg

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when i stepped on the scale today by accident it said err

Neither of us can really control who fronts, it just kinda happens *shrug*

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I can front a lot easier when we're not medicated

A bit of an issue when we have work to do, I'm not much for coding, that's more Dusty's domain

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I need horrible puns and wordplay for my corner of this vrchat map

For example, two I have right now is "Klorner" and "Klorida Feys"

very big slimey kobold art 

another great piece of art by @Mirina!


pros to being slim:
- it's easy to find clothes

pros to gaining weight:
- you can eat anything and as much as you want
- you're ten times more cuddly
- stepping on scales is now exciting
- did I mention you get to eat anything and as much as you want? i had a pint of ice cream and a chocolate bar for breakfast

weight, "diet" 

eating three whole cakes a week and snacking constantly do wonders for your body apparently

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weight, numbers, no image description 

weight go fwomp

It's probably worth reminding everyone that I was born out of repressed kinks, so don't be surprised that it's a pretty big part of who I am. I'm like, 80% sins.

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