Klor relayed

Happy to all the plural systems out there, of any kind or origin. 💜

Dusty is whining that his instance is still unreachable so he can't post 😈

When they said we would switch ISP, our assumption is that it would be done during the night, not 7 AM.

We were wrong, apparently


someone has dropped this so I got dessert uwu

I've decided we are going to bed, Dusty can wait to see if it fixes itself overnight

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We're being kept awake because the NAS has decided to softlock a few seconds after boot, which has broken everything on the internal network, including fuzzy.systems

to be honest, fronting is weird too

I'm used to hanging around in the background and letting dusty do everything

I'm a blue goo kobold with crystal horns :blobcatsip:

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