I need to tell Mirina what to draw for this commission and I can't come up with any ideaaaas

Klor relayed

kink (vore, digestion, slime, fat, weight gain, food) 

i wanna have someone lay on my gut until they're pulled in and digested into more slime fat to pack on my waistline 💙

immersed in gooey fat along with whatever fast food i've been stuffing into my muzzle 💙💙

-- slime fox 💙

That is totally what he said I should say and it would be a shame if he was unable to correct me

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Dusty wishes to inform you all that technical issues are fun and the fact that his instance is unreachable is totally deliberate

it's been fun fronting a lot today
probably not the best for our job, but oh well

i'm the giant kobold who eats all the food

does anyone know where one could buy multiple liters of silicone

my ideal weight is always whatever weight i'm currently plus a dozen more

Klor relayed

who wants to start an Imagine Dragons cover band called Consider Kobolds

my crystals are just crystallized goo, they can reform pretty quickly

what I'm saying is that with my horn and claws, I'm basically walking around with two hammers and ten nails,

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