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I decided to try to combat art block by drawing something entirely self indulgent and ended up making a big soft dragon

I may have to develop the design more

I am klor at cybre dot space on mastodon

science around obesity, kink adjacent 

if the environmental theory of obesity is true, and it's caused by obesogens, and we can identify them, it's great because:

1) people who don't want to be fat get to not be fat
2) people who want to be fat get to be *really fat* 😳

weight numbers 

Am officially more than 50% fat 🎉

I got through 3.5 pizzas before it defeated me

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how many pizzas should I get for dinner

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kink (food, alcohol, feeding, fat), sex, affection 

filling the whale with chocolate and beer and spending the night with him..🧡

reaching under his dress and overhang and making him cum when he's getting close to falling asleep...🧡

tenderly holding the whale as he snores so full and happy...🧡

-- whale (shark) 🧡

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my Twitter account just got an ad for a food delivery service that says "all the food you want" and this definitely feels like the beginning of a kink fic


western dragons who end up looking like sausages 👀

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might mimic you and steal your lunch as a joke

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