Full House Gripes 

It's 2:30 in the morning, there are 3 bathrooms in this house and the ONE I can get to is occupied. 😑 🤬


"The bill codifies the Hyde Amendment — a provision that passes annually and prohibits federal Medicaid dollars from covering abortion except in cases of rape, incest, or life endangerment — among other things."

...can't get pay for federal workers/military but this shit is cool. And the MFin vote was 48-47...

... ... ... 🤬🤬 ... ... ...

It’s Day 27 of the shutdown, and McConnell is mounting a futile effort to codify Hyde - via Think Progress, bit.ly/2S2xlh3

Dated religious practices 

Women who are able to menstruate can't enter a temple devoted to a celibate deity. I want to say I'm surprised but...not really. Glad they're fighting to change it.

3rd Woman Enters Sacred Hindu Temple In Southern India Amid Protests - n.pr/2GV8F5v

Big booby problems 

I’ll take ‘Random shit that could end up in your cleavage’ for $1000, Alex. 😤🙄😑

Hello, I'm [movie stereotype].

This thread has me giggling, compliments of @_roryturnbull - bit.ly/2RtWz7p

Ancient tech 

I can’t help but giggle. Wonder if there’s anything that’d fit these days...

Biden RE: Millennials 

'Uncle Joe' can kick rocks, too.

To millennials who think they have it tough: ‘Give me a break,’ Biden says - lat.ms/2Rp0sup

Trump, immigrant deaths 

The. Absolute. Gall. of this MF...

Trump Blames Democrats For Deaths of Migrant Kids As DHS Secretary Visits Border - n.pr/2GNfYwh

Kiva Bleu relayed

if you even think about making That Joke about the Linux kernel release number, that's low hanging fruit, and I will judge you

just bein' blunt

Star Trek 

Even made up and speaking Klingon, Christopher Lloyd looks and sounds like Christopher Lloyd. 😂❤️

The end of an era. 

Muh baby is officially moved in with his big brother. 😭


Xmas is coming early. There’s a transfer/transition in the works. Ain’t sure how I feel about it yet but it’s gon be done right. Heh

Mechanic buddies are so awesome. They know how to look out FRFR. ❤️😎

Dr Seuss would be proud.

Nice smackdown, however long it may last...

"Quoting 'The Lorax,' Court Pulls Permit For Pipeline Crossing Appalachian Trail" - NPR n.pr/2EvyRl9


She was all cute and cuddly til she started letting man-sized farts rip. 😂😂 Babies are so much more fun when you can give em back to their parents. 😎


I kinda wish I'd come up in the Swamp around muh Uber Geeks. If I knew Linux like they did back in the day my life would be a breeeeeeeeze right now.

I want to be running a server so bad but the more I get into this ish the less I know and it's driving me _nuts_!! 😭 😂


...of course, it is named Bebo and I happen to be a Legends fan...

Glad the classic editor will still be available, though, I'm too old-school for this ish. LOL!

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WordPress itself is about to be rolling out a block editor similar to the previously-cursed Divi. -headdeskfacepalmandALLthatotherjazz-

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