I have a side slack for a sales department I help support. I joined their channel in order to establish dominance early. (concept: make their first association with my name be 'oh, the v. smart person!')

Yesterday I inflicted on them and watched heads explode.

:fire_laughing: :fire_laughing: :fire_laughing: :fire_laughing:

Customer: I am getting an error that says I am over quota and need to delete some stuff. What do I do?
Me: ...
Me: ...
Me: Have you tried deleting some stuff.
Customer: No. Why?

Actual Customer Complaint: We just changed name servers and didn't bother copying some records our email guy said weren't important. Why did our website just go down?

"Reader mode" is touted as a feature that web browsers gain support for, right alongside new CSS properties and faster JavaScript interpreters.

But it just shows how much of a failure web as a platform is in delivering an actually readable content and enojoyable experience — so much that browsers have to rip the content off the web pages and show it in their own clean & usable interface. Talk about web being the future.

I am listening to youarelistening.to/nasa

The note says they'll no longer be posting on . I wonder if they are on anywhere?

Customer: What do you mean my service goes down if I stop paying you? Is that what all those messages I did not read were saying?

@lighttrax Here's a sample of that was only just started. (If I keep drawing, it grows more and can fill a page.)

Actual Customer Question: I've exceeded all the available with your service but I don't want to delete anything. What should I do?

Rep Yesterday: Could you just squeeze in this one little edit in this one place before you go home?

Rep This Morning: Why didn't you put in these other four related items I did not mention yesterday?

Wanna learn some stuff about electrical engineering? How about for free? A hardware engineer coworker suggested I read this before delving into the world of microcontrollers and so far it seems pretty good


Well it looks like I'll be getting a new phone (and related debt) for Xmas after all!

Rep calling escalation hotline for help with a pressing issue he cannot figure out on his own: Someone wants to know the status of this project!

Me: Have you tried contacting the owner of the project and asking?

Rep: Oh, hey thanks! Yeah, I'll try that!

Actual customer complaint: The two businessmen in the photo are shaking hands with their left hands. Change it to make them normal.

Some day co-worker B will call in an escalation to which the answer was not previously given to him in multiple training sessions and easily found in the help library. On that day they will need smelling salts to revive me.

Complaint: This copy is full of errors!

(request for specifics ensues)

Resulting request: We want you to change one letter to lowercase.

For additional points, no I am not receiving any of your twelve separately personalized emails because I am subscribed to a google groups mailing list that is just my own email as stated outright in the footer below the "in no way misleading" BS.

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