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i hate getting old (can't bend my knees backwards when i stretch any more)

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gwuh I forgot to tag it.
(for the cat pictures please look at the toot this is Replying to)

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Hi! I'm Kite (he/him/his). I can't code to save my life, but that won't stop me from trying.

I have two cats, pictures of whom should be a constant on this account, and which I'll tag with . The shorthaired tortie is Deedee (or "Imp" / "Squimp" when she's being a rascal); the longhaired pastel tortie is Mia (or "Moo"). Always, always, ALWAYS feel free to ask me to post more pictures of them.

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obscure jokes 

100 gecs are an op by phone companies to get zoomers to like phone calls

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I like this photo of her. Think might like it too.
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It looks like I need to be the provider I wish to see in the world.

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now who do I follow for the cat pictures

So now that I'm in the Tech Space, can someone tell me how to prolong the life of 2013 MacBook Pro that should have died years ago? And whether it's worth it to invest in palliative care (replacing batteries, paying for cleaning, etc) or save up for New Computer.

With the New Computer route, would probably lean for a Mac that's physically bulky like my current one, function keys over touchbar, and Intel x86 rather than M1 chip. Long story but I need Windows and I'd prefer Bootcamping to $80 a year for Parallels. (Also gives me freedom to screw around with Linux.)

call her jigsaw because she puzzle me

So this is a new social media thing and it means I get to say everything anew.

First things first:
I am going to spend prom night installing Arch Linux. I think it will be very funny.


So happy to be a part of a techie community


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