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@esm "never settle" - looks like they should have taken their own advice

@aoife the restaurant at the end of the universe

Installing .

So far, I've run into two or four problems.

First: I'm doing it on a Chromebook without a read/write screw (Lenovo C340-11). This means that in order to disable read-only protection, I have to disconnect the battery. And keep it disconnected. Very unsustainable, especially for what's supposed to be portable.

Second: The disk is already partitioned quite a few times, all into a bunch of 512-MB boxes meant for storing Chrome data. Is there a way to erase those?

(Third: I can't follow the DistroTube tutorial exactly - it wants me to partition the disk a bit; when trying, I get the error that the disk I'm trying to partition is in use. Not sure how much of a problem this is, because Arch wiki doesn't even list that step as a thing I should be doing.)

(Fourth: I don't know how to actually "install" it in a way I can boot from - every time I reboot, I need the USB + need to redo all progress such as wifi. But I'm feeling like that's a later step?)

[ ]

mh, referenced self harm (attached image is a normal cat) 

So my kitty cat was chewing at her arms, pulling out her fur, because she was stressed (fear not! we believe we have mitigated the stress as of now: her kitty-roommate was using her toilet, so we've gotten her another one).
It ... interested me, for lack of a better word, that her way of expressing stress was to target her arms, which are, uh, prime real estate for humans who are stressed and take out the stress on themselves.
Cats and people have a lot of the same issues! I've been told I'm a perfect match for my kitty because we're both "neurotic about bathrooms".

@aoife needs to rename "florp" to "morb"

@aoife you had a stick? you were lucky! we lived in a cardboard box in the middle of the road

kite relayed

A "good investment" is defined as "something that will make me happy for a long time without costing much money". The cheaper it is and the longer it's good, the better investment it is

implied politics + violence 

kid in robotics went "Can we talk about the *massacre* that happened last night?" and I was fully prepared to hear the worst takes about guns & politics. But no, they were talking about a basketball team taking the biggest L in recent history

@aoife bonus points if the game doesn't advertise this + it takes a long time for the in-game year to pass so it's only found by a few very dedicated players
i would play this. it sounds awesome

i love having a tab in mastodon open for the cats hashtag while i am completely unable to view or post any images approximately half of the time. we're really winning here

i'm thinking that i might just partition my mac's disk again to do arch rather than working with a chromebook
pros: the mac is more powerful than the chromebook, don't have to unlock the chromebook, arch wiki doesn't even have my model of chromebook for a guide thingy
cons: i don't really have that much free space on the disk (500gb, 250 of it is "system", 50 of it is windows, and the rest of it is programs i cannot trim).

...would it be possible to run it from a USB stick? i was able to run ubuntu on a stick but i'm pretty sure it reset every time. resetting is fine for ubuntu but absolutely /not/ arch
also it was kiiinda slow + the stick felt like it was gonna burst into flames. probably not desirable

god i wish my computer had a CD drive

probably gonna get into bitburner sometime soon. learn to code? video game? great!
a bit unfortunate, however, that booting from Mac to Windows to play ss13 all the time makes it kinda impossible to keep open a game meant to be kept open

Genuine question - why do laptop keyboards even have the option for backlights?
My laptop sometimes overheats to the point where touching the keys is painful. Usually, when this happens, I realize I've accidentally pressed the backlight button.
What purpose does it serve? I understand when the keyboard is disconnected from the monitor, but on a laptop usually the keys are bright enough just by reflecting the screen's light.

being a skiier is so funny because I'll be walking and my ankles and soles will hurt but my leg muscles won't even be burning the slightest

my cat smells really strongly of a freshly opened pack of balloons. i'm not entirely sure why, or how

put a drop of hot glue and stick your screwdriver in while it's drying


So CrossOver looks super promising and M1 Macs look really great for when my current machine bites it. Two problems.

First is an inability to run other OS without VM. But this doesn't seem like too much of an issue if I use a separate computer for screwing around with Linux - and dropping Windows entirely thanks to CrossOver.

Other problem is I can't find an M1 laptop that has USB-A support. Very big problem.

Laptops in general are becoming too thin these days. One day you'll not be able to find yours because you stored it sideways and it's too thin for your eyes to perceive.

It makes them scarily flimsy to see, even if they're actually quite robust in practice. I wouldn't be able to take any thin Macbook out of my house without worrying, and the portability is what laptops are for!
(Of course cases exist, but they don't solve the USB-A problem.)

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