mh, referenced self harm (attached image is a normal cat) 

So my kitty cat was chewing at her arms, pulling out her fur, because she was stressed (fear not! we believe we have mitigated the stress as of now: her kitty-roommate was using her toilet, so we've gotten her another one).
It ... interested me, for lack of a better word, that her way of expressing stress was to target her arms, which are, uh, prime real estate for humans who are stressed and take out the stress on themselves.
Cats and people have a lot of the same issues! I've been told I'm a perfect match for my kitty because we're both "neurotic about bathrooms".

eyestrain, glitchiness 

I like this photo of her. Think might like it too.
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It looks like I need to be the provider I wish to see in the world.

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So happy to be a part of a techie community


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