i'm thinking that i might just partition my mac's disk again to do arch rather than working with a chromebook
pros: the mac is more powerful than the chromebook, don't have to unlock the chromebook, arch wiki doesn't even have my model of chromebook for a guide thingy
cons: i don't really have that much free space on the disk (500gb, 250 of it is "system", 50 of it is windows, and the rest of it is programs i cannot trim).

...would it be possible to run it from a USB stick? i was able to run ubuntu on a stick but i'm pretty sure it reset every time. resetting is fine for ubuntu but absolutely /not/ arch
also it was kiiinda slow + the stick felt like it was gonna burst into flames. probably not desirable

god i wish my computer had a CD drive

@kite a usb stick would be unbearably slow, but a USB-3 SSD like a T5 would work pretty well

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