long, silly rant 

The problem with "what vibe do i give off" image posts is that they're all a small cluster of "vibes" that ultimately only span a narrow area.

For example, the one I saw most recently (that prompted this post) has, for the drinks row: six canned energy drinks, one tube of disinfectant wipes, and one blank square.
What if I drink water or milk? What if I drink orange (but only orange) sports drink?
So that one only encapsulates the "vibes" of people who drink canned energy drinks or bleach, or are dehydrated. Which is, without getting political, a very circular Venn Diagram.

Overall these posts are silly and stupid. Why limit yourself to the limits of someone else's imagination? Make your own coalition of images to represent the "vibes" that you give off!

In fact, why stop there? You should draw your own wojaks and mix your own drinks and whatever else you can think of. If you do anything that was in any way influenced by anyone else you are unoriginal. Thank you for your time.


long, silly rant 

For people who don't know what I'm referencing: "what vibe do i give off" posts have three to four categories, each with separate choices.
Each choice is designated a character, and usually these characters are separated by type according to category.
In the one I was referencing, there were:
Five wojaks, labelled A-E
Eight drinks, labelled 1-8
Seven plushies, labelled !-& (symbols from the 1-7 keys on a QWERTY keyboard).

This would be a lot easier if I could post images right now. Sorry!

The post implores you to pick one choice from each category and combine them into a simple code. An example code in this would be A7$. That would symbolize the A wojak, the 7 drink, and the $ plushie.

They're fun only when they meet with your interests. When they don't, you can either try to squish yourself into the categories anyways, ignore them, or make a 2000-character-long rant on them on Mastodon like I do. Choose wisely!

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