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the secret to being good with animals is to treat them like actual living beings with needs and emotions instead of toys or pets

A good introduction to the use of "shadow libraries" across many countries, pirate services providing access to all kinds of academic works often locked behind paywalls

alternate history where smartphones are kind of like they are today wrt useability but also never stopped being like... those psions? some early nokia 800 series? that kind of thing....


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plus to this day i can muscle-memory into a ready stance and i've retained all the blocks and jabs and stuff
can't rly do the kicks anymore but that's more of a disability thing since i can't stand for more than 60 seconds at a time fskjg
but even so, knowing to angle your body away from attack and how to block and stuff, is still useful even in a wheelchair, even if your feet aren't in a stance
and it's very very good and useful that it comes as second nature w/o needing to think about it, even now

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yk when i was little i didn't rly get why ppl made such a big deal about "self defense classes" being empowering
but now looking back on my martial arts times, i totally understand
there's so much shit i'm glad to know how to do if i have to, but ofc being younger i didn't realise that that was one of the only ways you could learn those things
like. for one. it went against the shit school said that self defense with force is always bad.
and i learned to be competent around weapons, both disarming + using

hey so we have no income right now due to DWP fucking us over completely, and we're down a lot of money. i got paid £133 this month and i'm still being fucked with tax. i'm sorry we have to keep begging and posting about this but we have very few places left to turn. our rent and bills are coming up and they add up to over £600

if anyone wants to commission me, i please hmu. or if y'all want to donate

this is majorly affecting our health, both physical and mental...

This is a neat little piece of history, someone put back together an old Xbox 360 devkit, which is literally just a PowerMac G5. The machine itself is capable of running builds of original Xbox games and tech demos.

i've been listening to basement jaxx's oh my gosh a lot partly bc i rly like the. idk if it's actually one of those basic beepy casios or just a more advanced synth being made to sound like one but the

70s-ish beepy "bassline" that accompanies some of the other synth stuff

that sticks in my head a lot and it's good

activation-signal vs. bloom vs. reflect-domain-warp (seed: 17494)

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