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activation-signal vs. bloom vs. reflect-domain-warp (seed: 17494)

man devil engine on switch looks like just my right level of bullet hell difficulty

lewd furries 

welp. Shealth huffing.

Talija taur n my Kayden.

oh shit the discovery short treks ARE on uk netflix
it's under trailers and more
gkjsgj when did this happen
why are they so hidden
they don't even have any descriptions, just the episode title
no indication of what they are. just in amongst "season 2 trailer (2m)" there's "calypso (25m)" or thereabouts

hah netflix have renamed io to "destination io" on the titlecard
i guess maybe too many ppl thought it said 10 or something

because i had watched a thing about how the egyptians actually did build the pyramids (through having a standard unit of length, and a 3-4-5 triangle to get the corners. and wheelbarrows)
netflix is now recommending me a fucking ancient aliens ""theory"" series
AND a fucking flat earth series
this is . how these algorithms slowly push ppl to the right wing
they can't tell what kind of tone anything like this has. they can just tell "hey, this is about the pyramids and history too". it's fucked up

things that are not the same: ISBN, ISDN

like they'd say shit like "the software library for this videotape player seems promising"

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when did "software" become just a computer term

loads of reporting from the 80s and 90s refers to all home video as "software", and i just saw one that referred to a film library (as in, the actual reels) as software too

shin godzilla has made me thoroughly uninterested in seeing any other godzilla fgkjsg it ws just too good (and also had a similar mood as evangelion, which makes sense given that it's anno)

when i made a circuit board in the electronics+smth else engineering class i took it was a CADCAM thing where we'd printed onto a transparency for a UV box so. it was all straight lines, basically just transferred the different breadboard layouts we'd all made into the CAD and printed it out and that was the circuit board post etching

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hand drawn circuit board masks are so cool
seeing traces being all swirly and curly instead of like. only at 45º and 90º angles

that purple colour of ceramic packages for ICs... it was so good

i just realised some of you might not have seen my wheelchair (a quickie argon 2) aside from snippets here and there in my selfies?
so i took a pic of it
that black quadrilateral in the middle is an under-seat bag, the frame is entirely those two blue tubes and also the axle
i rly like looking at it sdfjgs bc it has a bunch of details i picked out
like those black pushrims, which have a roundrect cross section instead of a circle, and a silicone grip
and the paintjob, a subtly metallic teal

Sun rays 

Took this photo yesterday. I really linked the sunrays / cloud shadows

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