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surveillance, time passing 

jesus the prism whistleblowing was 20-fucking-13
where has the time gone x.x

spaced, food/beverage, echolalia 

you can't drink a pint of bovril!

screenshot of text, about coffee, re plaintext news 

so npr was all "uh gdpr we can't give you our fancy site if you don't want trackers" so it gave me a plaintext version and honestly.. this is great?

the urls are really clear and obvious and i'd sort of forgotten how easy it is to follow the lines with serif font (looks lovely on a hidpi phone btw) since so many news sites use sans serif now and also like floating stuff that changes the layout dynamically and that

@skolli that's not too far off from the source sound of the TARDIS noise tbh.. that was a key on a piano string but.. it's still string on metal friction in your case.

@Felthry @Dex yeah i know, i just. didn't know raspi based new build emulation things existed, i had said it was (well, i coueched my bets and said 'mostly') android

@Dex @Felthry oh tht sounds preferable to those android ones
once retroarch is set up

the secret to being good with animals is to treat them like actual living beings with needs and emotions instead of toys or pets

@kew also that they may not express emotions identically to how humans do

(i feel like as an autistic person it was easier for me to grasp this.. than, say, all those people STILL posting "look my dog is grinning" pics)

@Felthry @Dex ooh i bet that's beefy enough for some 3d emulation too huh

@Felthry @Dex i can definitely understand the appeal of having a lean custom firmware like on a psp rather than like. some years out of date android version hoping you can still get the emulator you want and all that

@Felthry @Dex they exist but they're mostly android phones sans the cellular stuff and plus a gamepad

@Aros except the money gets redistributed and put into social programs instead of just poofing out of existence

A good introduction to the use of "shadow libraries" across many countries, pirate services providing access to all kinds of academic works often locked behind paywalls

alternate history where smartphones are kind of like they are today wrt useability but also never stopped being like... those psions? some early nokia 800 series? that kind of thing....


when over a third of the deck (12 cards to be precise) is 1-drops and within 8 initial cards there is not a single one of them

according to the rough maths of just (12/30)^8 that's about 6% likely

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