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actually yeah yk it is a bit of a different sound

i'm just stimming with, like, ヂヂ and it is kind of in between an i like in pin, and the ee sound

like. it's briefer but it's also. this is probably just synesthesia but it seems diagonal to me while a full-on ee is horizontal sounding to me

and i just noticed judy is ジュディ which also does the same thing. so that is seeming more like, a rule.

(also typing that in, it actually suggested "judy", heh. see pic)

screenshot of text, about coffee, re plaintext news 

so npr was all "uh gdpr we can't give you our fancy site if you don't want trackers" so it gave me a plaintext version and honestly.. this is great?

the urls are really clear and obvious and i'd sort of forgotten how easy it is to follow the lines with serif font (looks lovely on a hidpi phone btw) since so many news sites use sans serif now and also like floating stuff that changes the layout dynamically and that

i just realised some of you might not have seen my wheelchair (a quickie argon 2) aside from snippets here and there in my selfies?
so i took a pic of it
that black quadrilateral in the middle is an under-seat bag, the frame is entirely those two blue tubes and also the axle
i rly like looking at it sdfjgs bc it has a bunch of details i picked out
like those black pushrims, which have a roundrect cross section instead of a circle, and a silicone grip
and the paintjob, a subtly metallic teal

i had said the guy was a recurring extra in st: discovery but on rewatch i didn't notice him in episode two after all? but anyway, actually-good federation wheelchair (red rigid frame chair!) it looked properly adjusted to the actor too, he wasn't reaching far back to push or anything (maybe it's just the actor's personal wheelchair? iunno)

(no spoils, but hidden image anyway)

i have too many fucking tabs open (the problem really is they're pdfs and the pdf reader is quite resource intensive)

....... this is making me feel ill just to look at,
(boosts ok)

now my twisty puzzle cube has a friend, a dodecahedron >^.^< (which was always my favourite 3d solid since i was little, probably because of the phantom tollbooth animation)
it also has a pentagram in the middle, which is nice
(the funny thing is, i thought my cube would be black but was white, and i thought the megaminx would be white to match, but is black)

lighter, fire 

from the same seller i got this mysterious piezo-electric lighter, which i can't find out anything about! searching "eagle lighter" gets me a bunch of other ones, but not this.

which is a shame, because it has such a neat safety mechanism! the front spins around and becomes the lever that clicks the crystal to make the spark, and opens the fuel valve. that way there's no chance of it going off in a pocket, without needing a high resistance clicker as most electric lighters use

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lighter, fire 

this isn't a substitute for your own research but just as an example, the reproductions often say "of austria" instead of "in austria", or don't say patent, or lack the model number, and so forth.

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lighter, fire 

a few days ago i finally managed to finish restoring this vintage genuine IMCO lighter c: got it real cheap bc it was sold as untested
i cleaned up its casing over a year ago, and it did sort of work at that time, but the rayon/cotton was really dirty
so i took it all out, cleaned the insides, and planned to put new zippo rayon inside. which i finally did a few days ago!
i thought i'd need a new zippo wick too but that was fine. they passively leak much less fuel than zippos, too.

nice of them to have made an oulipo-compliant manual too

here's a weird thing my laptop did a few days ago, the clock got tiny too
i've got to wonder which font it switched to, presumably a non-roman one?
but also like as photography posts... i like the weird effecgt i got w/ the macro focus and the pixelation on the screen tbh

now i feel compelled to actually post my htop, top bit

(the swap use is, i think, firefox's fault, but it's not bad enough that i care to restart to update cos i heard it's fixed now? but yeah w/e)

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alcohol adjacent, beverages 

so the old fashioned glass is my favourite kind of "cocktail glass used for general purpose" glass

and i decied i wanted some ice this time too

and then it hit me: what if i garnished it like an actual old fashioned since it's in the glass and all. like a dick

so i did it and i took pics (and decided to use kitchen roll to provide a clean backdrop)

and the worst part is: it actually does taste kinda better with a hint of cherry, so this wasn't just a joke, it was ad iscovery

why the fuck does masto do this
now every time i see "filtered" i think about triggering things, because i only mute triggering things, bfkjfgjkl

also since i switched to iterm (which was much easier than i remember it being like 8 or so years ago, it would've been 10.6 or 10.7) i tried solarised dark and liked it

but i tweaked it a bit, lightened some of the colours while retaining hue

it's made me enjoy having a terminal in full screen sometimes even if i don't really need to

plus iterm has let me have a pulldown terminal which is really nice to have for quick and simple things. love the dark titlebar mode too which every app should have imo

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