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so i'm watching some bob ross for the first time ever

like. as in, just straight-up watching, i've seen some collections of clips or stuff set to music before

bc netflix recommended it to me and i was just looking for smth low intensity but also new

but like. anyway. i gotta say

i'm glad i learned a bunch of colour theory stuff a few years ago before seeing this bc at least i can understand why he's picking the colours he is. his monologue doesn't rly let you in to that but it's important

also it's useful to have known that he actually did plan out everything before hand despite some things he says

like he was mixing some browns together to make trees and "accidentally" mixed in a little of the purple he used for the sky and the mountain base

but! that's really important actually! without that little bit of purple mixed in, the lighting in the scene wouldn't seem consistent, the brown would be too red-seeming against the purples and blues

and similarly a couple of times his white for highlights "accidentally" got a little of the pink he'd mixed in below the white blob on his easel in

but pure white would seem very odd with the warm purples, making it just slightly pink keeps it being a proximate colour instead of something hueless (which also gets helped along with how much he's blending things on the canvas afterwards as well, but that little bit of pink in the mix is still necessary, not accidental)


and that's just from one half an hour episode heh

but yeah like. he keeps saying it's about teaching ppl the painting

and he _is_ tutorialising about brush choice and brush technique (which as someone who's only seriously done digital painting, and analogue only being pencil and pen work, is pretty neat, can't do this the same way in a paint program)

but without discussing why he's picked the colours.. you might end up with un-harmonious palettes overall, if you were only learning from this

so yeah. i'm glad i can think about colours in that colour theory way already, cos i would have absolutely no insight into why he was doing any colours he was doing otherwise

so far two episodes in now, he is very much doing one main hue, one proximate hue, and one complementary hue

which is a nice standby for keeping things looking nice.

but if you couldn't recognise that already, it would seem like he had ten to twenty completely unique colours that Somehow end up blending nicely at the end

though also, i will say, netflix started me on the penultimate episode of season 20 (according to what he says) so. i'm not necessarily saying he never goes into colour theory

he is using the technical terms like "if you just have one hue you're only working with values" in this monochrome painting one

so it's not like he's necessarily _hiding_ that kind of thinking? but he's not (so far) _illuminating_ that thinking the same way as he is with brush choice either? if that makes sense

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