the only version of microsoft windows with consistent visual design was 95. also it didnt really do much. thats why its my favorite version

its a shame you cant make windows 10 have that classic theme anymore tbh. at least not easily. i mean i bet theres a way to do it but even if you could it would probably break shit all the time & not look consistent. theres a theme for xfce that looks more or less like it but the fonts are wrong and theres no way to make it use the correct spacing or something. there was some v good reason i couldnt get it to look correct

@jk i've seen ppl try and make win10 look classic-ish but it's still got rectangular buttons with no bevelling and stuff, still got a big taskbar, etc

@jk tho honestly i found the way xp and vista did the classic theme to be not good enough either

@kit yeah. i mean im such a classic theme stickler that even windows 98 looks wrong to me tbh

@jk yeah i never rly liked the titlebar gradient
though back when i was little, i had thought it was ME that introduced that, i guess.. just because it had been turned off in the 98 install i grew up w/ (then with some digging i found where you could set each colour and made them both be the same)


@jk also i always liked the teal desktop bg + titlebar over the navy

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