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using robopowers if you boop my nose it'll play a squeaky toy noise

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Re-shared this on Twitter, and felt like sharing it here, because I love it so much!

Here's my newt critter, Mute! Your spaceship engine was dirty and busted, but they got the job done!

((🎨 - ))

white jesus turned water into four loko. the kind before they banned it. everyone had a great time

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the gamecube turns 18 years old this year

the nintendo 64 turns 23

the playstation turns 25

Because it’s so glamorous here’s another shot of my main work keyboard 🦄🍹🌴

electric sheep has been my screensaver since 2012 or maybe even 2011, it's the only one i've never gotten tired of (since it's ever changing i suppose)

plus i just love the way the most upvoted seeds get mashed together to get the next generation of seeds

getting my gender all over the place. its on the ceiling fan. its on the counters.

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