Pinned ping i commissioned a refsheet from @catterfly ! (image hidden bc nonsexual refsheet nudity)

gonna play pinball on the switch for a bit i thinky

concrete ramps have been easier in the new chair so here's hoping the train boarding ramps will also be easier

(but there should still be a standard height for level boarding across the whole network cmon it's 2018)

(but ofc lots of the trains in use are from the 80s and 90s)

in 14 hours ish i'm gonna go on a train for the first time w/ my new wheelchair :>

Marking today down as the day I was annihilatingly homosexual.

that's weird i had to sign in on tusky again when i opened it a second time oh man fsr i'd never thought about if subatomic particles experienced time dilation, that's so neat

hewwo i drew these the other day [snake fangs]

techbros: we're gonna upload our consciousness to a server and live forever
trans girls:

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@robot i hope you learn further glitches in the future, provided they're written

ok ok ok what if i make a 30' tall cyborg fursona but also she's got like a little 3" tall camera drone version of herself so she can hang out indoors without fucking up the building

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