Feeling some kinda way about people saying "fuck Texas" in response to recent events... like you realize the victims of all this bullshit our state government does live here too, right?

@kinsey depending on exactly how they're saying it, "fuck texas" could be synecdoche for "fuck the state government of texas"

same sorta deal as how "death to america" does not mean "death to a large quantity of victims of the bullshit the united states government does"

@kinsey on the other hoof yes, there are definitely liberals who go "fuck texas" and literally do mean they don't actually care what happens to all the marginalised people who happen to live in that state

obviously they are garbage

i would expect anyone hashtag on here saying "fuck texas" is going for more of a "death to america" dealio tho

@00dani I mean for sure, and I get that, but there are plenty of takes where it really just feels like they're saying "fuck Texas and everyone in it". it also hits different when it's someone out of state saying "fuck Texas", often the same kind of person who talks about how racist "the South" is, vs. someone who LIVES HERE saying it out of frustration with the bullshit our right-wing government puts us through


Texas is a lot like California, except it's the rural side of the state in power, instead of the urban side of the state.

@kinsey I think it just refers to the stupid majority (at least of the vocal group)

@kinsey If only you lived in a political system that allowed you to select your new leaders not to be absolute shitbags.

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