my local National Weather Service office does these Facebook Live briefings whenever there's a tropical storm or hurricane that may threaten the area and the comments are fuckin wild. this group of what's as far as i can tell mostly boomers straight-up has memes ("hurricake", commenting on the black shirts the meteorologist wears, etc.) and multiple people have mentioned starting "fan club" pages for the guy who does them lmao

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it's just??? it's wholesome. the briefings are serious but with just a bit of humor in them, especially in the Q&A part at the end, and as the meteorologist mentioned during i think Laura, subtly dunking on The Weather Channel, "we're a government agency, so we don't need to worry about ratings", so they're free of the hype and fearmongering that too often accompanies reporting on major hurricanes and tropical storms

also doesn't hurt that said meteorologist is uh 👀👀👀 REASONABLY PHYSICALLY ATTRACTIVE and clearly has a deep understanding of the science but is also very good at breaking it down in a way that's easy to understand? it's not at all difficult to see why he has erm, quite a few mainly female fans

@kinsey I remember getting those tropical briefing when I was forecasting years and years ago during the busiest season ever.

Wish I could have been a cute weather witch back then, but well, not to be.

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