the name "Windows Subsystem for Linux" baffles me. shouldn't it be "Linux Subsystem for Windows"??????

@kinsey It is definitely a confusing name. >_< They mean "for" in the sense of "providing".

@noelle that's so fuckin weird, if that's what they're going for then "Windows Linux Subsystem" would make more sense

@kinsey @noelle Windows Linux sounds like a distro

...and it kinda is tbh...

@kinsey it's a Windows™ product so the Windows™ brand needs to come first

@kinsey This is the company that had a Word for Windows 2.0 that was actually for Windows 3.0. They need parentheses in their names to make them understandable.

There is precedence for exactly this backward naming: They also had Windows Services for Unix before, abbreviated SFU and impossible not to mentally translate as STFU.

@kinsey I want a time machine where I can go back to the late 80s / early 90s and convince Microsoft to build their business operating system on Xenix rather than developing Windows NT.

@kinsey Yes. A million times this.

You can just feel the committee influence on this one.

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