me learning about C++:

who the << fuck << thought << this << was << a << good << idea << '\n'

C: printf("Hello world\n");
me: ah, okay, i can understand that
C++: cout << "Hello world" << endl
me: the FUCK did you just call me

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computer opinion 

@kinsey People who wanted to be able to combine binary and string data into single streams for storage and recall.



@kinsey I prefer to use printf in C++ for the reason that cout is ridiculous

@kinsey operator overloading is evil in every language TBH.

In C++, it's just one of very many evils, so everyone using it accepts it as kind of normal. Poor souls.

@lupine @kinsey Operator overloading done properly is not evil and I will fight you.

Which is easier to read:
Java: myString.equals(otherString)
Kotlin: myString == otherString

Java: complex.add(otherNum)
Kotlin: compex + otherNum

Not evil!

@PrincessRaspberry @kinsey the idea that strings might not be a core part of the language is also evil :-D. I guess overloading might be the lesser of the two

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