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as a socialist i believe that nothing should be privatized, but it's especially unforgivable for the provision of the fundamental building blocks of modern human existence (food and water, housing, clothing, sanitation, medicine, electricity, communication, education, etc.) to be controlled by corporations whose ultimate reason for existence is the accumulation of profit. the transfer of all such services to community-accountable public ownership is a pressing immediate demand.

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well, i found my recovery codes for at least, heh

Give 👏🏼trans👏🏼people👏🏼the👏🏼power👏🏼of👏🏼pyrokinesis

folks, Kirby is non-binary and they are fucking valid

As a Native American I'm still here. I am strong. I'm not a mythological fairy tale character. I will speak/write my native language when my ancestors were forbidden. I will not be stopped. I'm a descendant of survivors from the largest genocide in the world. I'm a generational curse breaker. I refuse 2 be white washed. I refuse 2 celebrate Thanksgiving, 4th of July, or Columbus Day. I refuse 2 be apart of organized religion. I will 4ever defend tribal sovereignty, treaties, & natural resources.

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