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as a socialist i believe that nothing should be privatized, but it's especially unforgivable for the provision of the fundamental building blocks of modern human existence (food and water, housing, clothing, sanitation, medicine, electricity, communication, education, etc.) to be controlled by corporations whose ultimate reason for existence is the accumulation of profit. the transfer of all such services to community-accountable public ownership is a pressing immediate demand.

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Haskell tutorial: the `succ` function,

me: Nice

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some guide on the internet: use 0.382 for the spoke ratio to get a regular 5-point star in Inkscape

me: but why 0.382??????

so basically, proprietary code, everybody. god bless

ok this is weird as fuck
for cell B1, clearing the cell fixes it

inputs that cause the problem again:
- 'Tota'
- 'Total'

inputs that are fine:
- 'T'
- 'To'
- 'Tot'
- T [exit and re-enter cell] o [repeat] t [repeat] a [repeat] l

hey fedi, anyone have any idea how to make Google Sheets stop doing this shit? the cells highlighted in red shouldn't have the extra space but i can't make it go away, and Resize Row claims row 3 is at the default row size, but it clearly isn't

i guess i just kinda passively assumed that having to turn it on every time was just The Suffering I Must Endure

honestly why did i never think to set Snap to Canvas Edges to be on by default in the GIMP preferences before now

alternately: Rust jupyter-notebook kernel pls

i wish more languages had good REPLs like Python does

TIRED: i'm hungry

WIRED: i require sustenance

INSPIRED: my homeostatic processes necessitate the consumption of energy and nutrients for their continued functioning

achievement of the day: second time i've literally fucking forgotten to put the pizza in the bag before leaving the store

i shaved my legs last night and a customer just told me "you have the prettiest legs"?????? Nice

bleh. anyone have any idea why the rust compiler might be insisting that `buffer` be static here? (this code works as-is but i'd like to get rid of the unsafe blocks)



self == shed.tools.iter().max_by_key(|x| x.sharpness).unwrap()
// false

if let Some(body) = once {
"told me"
} else {
"the world was gonna roll me"