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Is a texas mile like a new york minute?

its official. harolds dont exist. there is nobody named harold. its as false as the moon, sun, and supposed shape of the earth. wake up people. harolds dont exist and the planet is torus shaped.

@kinsey color corrected this photo of me so its not so blue

@Penpen no you're just an interesting person you dork nerd

@kinsey says I always have something interesting to say to her. I think she's being generous lol

ASMR: Blackle Asks For Your Consent To Push You For A Gag And Then Pushes You And Says "I'm Bread' And Then Apologizes For Pushing You Even With Consent

technically speaking all animals are just really fucked up worms

just realized that the Stats stackechange has bell curves for up/downvote button icons 😹

Shit! Which exact shade of red is my favorite again??

#funny #ui #ux #design

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mental hospital stuff Show more

Petition to change the word "gender" in the English language to "sexsona"