My profile: "not your 🦄"

Every cishet couple ever: *smashes like button*

May: "You're like, the moan-a lisa of moans"

I just got done watching Crazy Rich Asians for the second time, I cried way more this time (it's SUCH A GOOD MOVIE AAAAAA)

For some reason, I always slightly miss the 8 key when typing `make -j8`. One of these days I'm going to hit enter on `make -j89` and my computer is going to get very sad.

I got gendered correctly by strangers *four* times today - "ma'am", "ladies" referring to a group I'm in, etc. ... feels super good.

(I rarely get misgendered these days - still happens, but mostly from bigots. I just don't get gendered *correctly* much, so it's still exciting when it happens - usually folks just don't gender me.)

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Shit Em All 1989
I am poop man
410,757,864,530 DROPPED TURDS

Dang! Just realized that while I really like Kyra (khyperia -> k[h]y[pe]r[i]a -> kyra), I don't really want a name that rhymes with "guy-ra" - which very occasionally my mind flickers to when going by "khy" in meatspace. Maybe I could pronounce it kee-ra (but I feel like I should spell it Kira in that case).

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@chr Theme suggestion (could also comment on if you'd like me to): the highlighted toot using keyboard shortcuts (j and k) is *really* hard to see - it's extremely similar to the normal color. Also, keyboard shortcuts seem to not work half the time? Idk about that one.

It being cold means I can also wear these badass as FUCK gloves

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It's finally cold enough that it's slightly chilly in my house when I wake up (with all my windows open overnight), and it feels SO GOOD ❤️❤️❤️

I kind of want to change my name to Luna or Eris, or maybe Kyra, but tbh the pain of changing my name again far outweighs the benefit... maybe in a while I'll just change my display name to something else, and just go with what happens?
(Also Luna is definitely out of the question, because of the strong HP association)

(his back paw is serving that purpose right now - subscribed to the "Ashley moved" event)

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My cat refuses to be more than 6 feet away from me whenever I'm home, and TBH it's the cutest most heartwarming thing ever.

(Preferably touching at least a small bit of me, especially if he wants to sleep - so he can wake up and follow me if I move)

Scifi scene idea: a large, permanent space station is going to collect a lot of trash in its orbit. So, large deorbiting lasers are on the retrograde side of the ship. A character's favorite activity is going to an observation deck in the back and seeing junk twinkle like bright stars as it ablates and slowly deorbits.

Being soft with someone is such a refreshing, recharging, wonderful feeling. Every time I'm able to do so, the kindness of folks absolutely blows me away.


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