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Hi! I'm a software developer (mostly iOS for now) and such, looking to get more away from twitter. See you all around :)

So it looks like updates were working fine until a failed and/or cancelled windows 10 upgrade after which the only installed updates are MS security essentials 😶

(I know it’s a legitimate question, humor me 😛)

At a brewery for lunch, my kid says “Hey those barrels look like they’re from Donkey Kong!” 😄

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My kid at the restaurant today cheering on college football on TV, mispronouncing one of the teams: “Go miss-a-pi-pi!”

Goldeneye for n64 may not have aged well visually or gameplay-wise, but that soundtrack still hits the spot 🎵🎧🎶

Z playing Pokémon: “Yes! I’m an awesome trainer!” 😄

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I just donated to @freedom_mass to help get matched by Will you chip in $10 or more today (10/25) so they can unlock an extra $50k?

I just realized I can never play another game of Threes again

I’m at a show with a ton of bass, and I don’t dislike it but I’d love to hear more of the melody 😛

Product idea:
Noise cancelling headphones that let you equalize audio by filtering more bass than trebble and vice versa

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