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Hi! I'm a software developer (mostly iOS for now) and such, looking to get more away from twitter. See you all around :)

This was generated by that AI meme generator, it’s pretty great

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I do want to add: anyone affected or who may be looking to leave voluntarily, I’m happy to share anything I find on my search when I start. We’re all in this together so let’s all help each other 🙂

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I'll definitely be looking for new opportunities very soon, but I need some time to decompress and unwind first. I don't doubt I'll land back on my feet soon :)

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I was one of the folks who was let go yesterday from Wayfair. It was a shock and I'm still processing, but I'm grateful I got to spend time with friends who've been very supportive. My heart goes out to my fellow colleagues who were also let go.

Props to Pokémon Home asking for consent to collect your data, and not blocking the app’s behavior if you say no. More apps and services should do this.

So it looks like updates were working fine until a failed and/or cancelled windows 10 upgrade after which the only installed updates are MS security essentials 😶

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(I know it’s a legitimate question, humor me 😛)

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At a brewery for lunch, my kid says “Hey those barrels look like they’re from Donkey Kong!” 😄

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