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The axes on the internet's alignment chart are discourse/shitpost and aesthetic/irony.

proposed new circles of hell:
10th - everything's normal except the wifi cuts out every 90 seconds
11th - an eternity of parallel parking with an impatient driver stuck behind you and pedestrians who watch, silently judging
12th - networking lunch

my skills: cable management for when starlings really really want to hide behind your switch

Recently finished Seven Surrenders by #AdaPalmer and here's my Hot Take 

jedd mason is crackers and also sounds really annoying to hang out with

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Me: open-source is the best
Also me: I will die before I let anyone look at this shitty code

Just finished The Fifth Season by N. K. Jemisin and really enjoyed it. Also, I cannot get over how badly the cover is underselling this . This says "I dunno, fantasy stuff?" when it needs to say "HOLY SHIT GEOLOGY WIZARDS."

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Does anyone know if there's a #biohacking scene on mastodon? Looking to design some experiments and want to see if there's more literature than I'm aware of on the subject.

Honestly I just wanted an excuse to say "federated" a lot.


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