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WAIT is this some kind of future for social networking.

Also, Seattle > Portland, deal with the fact that Im going to have my life back

I mean, I was one of my time setting that kind of future for social networking.

Robot girls are very good and easier to care for,, and capitalism hates me
But I love my new witch cat-eared waifu

no but I feel really really glad I went to drink my respect women juice, fuck

I must learn to imbue my spells digitally so I can also bring you various snack foods too

Ah, so, would saying "Im not a big deal :imp_kiss:
Im getting my hair done

Do you think Id be willing to share? You seem to like music a lot like me,, I am Small

This one is comfy.. they are so good :cyber_heart:

I invented philosophy. It is my most shameful creation

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