Maybe flirting, being spoiled, mall day Show more

Rare photo of Violet and I, missing her already Show more

Work, I love my fiancee so much Show more

Quick Calculus Lesson:

If you make any of my girlfriends uncomfortable, the chances of me getting with you approach 0.

everyone drank their respect women juice today?

Happy International Non-binary day!! ec selfie, a tiny bit lewd Show more

I can handle game engine, sound, networking, game design, just draw me some cute monster ladies 👌

Hey who wants to be my artist for a fantasy game where the monster girls are actually monsters and not just fuzzy hot humans


my fiancee taking pictures of me when i'm not looking is the only thing keeping me alive tbh

If you'd like to help a schizo girl who's particularly struggling,,

Every bit makes a difference 💜

Blessed pictures, kitty, I love my darling 💗, boosts okay Show more

Gushing about my Princess, ec photo, she's so precious 💖, boosts ok!! Show more

Gushing about my Princess, marriage Show more

sad thought: some women will never have a gamer wife

Body positivity, Maximum tiddy, ec selfies, boosts okay Show more

PART 2 Video of KITTY RAVE OUTFIT, nsfw but not nudity, boosts ok! Show more

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Android Fianceé 💗's choices:


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