@kellytheandroid Can I catch those hands, hold them, give them little kisses, and then use them to pull you along for an adventure?

this means you can't love me more than I love you. Factually, and objectively. My heart is just too POWERFUL

got in on the whole.. link to ur darlings' profiles in your bio

you better believe imma flaunt these cuties :imp_tease:

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This is the first time it feels like I have a partner who.. is willing to work harder for me. They want to move out with me and support me, to help provide for me and feed me and deal with my schizophrenia... I'm crying so hard, this is such a wonderful feeling

Thanks for whomever decided to help me last night and sent me monies, I appreciate it so much and if I keep getting donations at this rate I might actually be able to afford things this month :)

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@kellytheandroid is coming over and I can't wait to kisSS THEIR FAAACEEEE

Mm.. Think I'm going to do my makeup tomorrow and make myself look cute. Not because I'm planning on doing anything, but.. it's been a while since I've gotten to do my makeup.

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