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i landed on planet mercury
gave it atmosphere
set up my headquarters
i'll never get captured here

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Handibox is an accessibility tool that will allow Human-Computer interaction with people who have some degree of motor disability. Through #Handibox, users can carry out elementary activities such as using the Internet, writing emails, and more!

The team, Alejandro, Fabio, and Matias, seeks to integrate with other #accessibility applications in GNOME and are looking for guidance from the accessibility team. They also need community help precompiling libraries like dlib. #GNOMEChallenge

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Registering my distaste for the XDC 2020 schedule slots allocated for Microsoft to talk about proprietary shit like WSL

Am I the only person who hates these magic link only websites?

Managed to go from a working laptop flashing an internal SSD over USB for a NUC to a non-booting laptop and non-booting NUC.

This is my superpower :anime_glasses:

Redid the mounting so everything has standoffs. It's looking much nicer now :ameowbongo:

One of the more fun projects I've picked up- once I get everything factory reset that is :anime_glasses:

I wonder if I botched this Jetson image flash :blob_gnikniht:

@sir what do you use for a DE with VR?

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who called it VRAM and not photographic memory send toot

@sir and one last question: what is your preferred means of deploying static sites, should you have one?

@sir just wanted to drop a thank you for your awesome work on SourceHut. Worked with the builds system yesterday and went from starting in the docs to deployed with Netlify in one project and pushing updated images to Docker Hub in another. Beautifully simple.

Curious about these: What would you go to write information for others trying to use SourceHut services? What are your thoughts on scheduled builds?

I wish you the best of days and thank you for your awesome work

After getting a Linux laptop I didn't expect the words *Fucking Microsoft* to be such a common phrase in my day.

If any of you out there has a GPU you could spare compute time on for research towards COVID-19, consider checking out Folding@Home[0] and FoldingAtHome/coronavirus[1] on how to get started dedicating some compute time for research labs. Stay safe everyone 🙏


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@sir true pizza can only be forged in the fires of mount doom

Person 0: have you ever watched Friends?
Person 1: yeahhhh, I had to once. For a school project.

Me, hidden in the stall: 😱😱😱

All I can think watching Lost in Space is how disgusting humanity is

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As it turns out for Android has a fingerprint obfuscation feature but it needs to be turned on manually by going to the URL about:config and changing "privacy.trackingprotection.fingerprinting.enabled" to True.

This may break some of the more obnoxious websites so be prepared to turn it off for certain cases.

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